Instagram Can't Stop Watching This Noodle-Knitting Clip

Noodle-knitting might be one of the most delicate, detailed art forms you never knew about. According to HuffPost, an artist based out of Singapore started knitting with ramen noodles back in 2014 and eventually turned the edible craft into a multi-year project that received praise for its "reflection of life" in the country. Other hobbyists have also dabbled in this unrecognized art form. One Redditor showed off their noodle-knitting handiwork and it garnered both serious and joking responses like, "Anyone else wondering how they did the cast on without tearing the noodle?" and "Such a unique yarn, do you know if it's machine washable?"

Another food artist has entered the fray with their own interpretation of noodle-knitting. In a recent Instagram post shared by yarn company Wool and the Gang, a person is seen using what appears to be two chopsticks to weave together noodles over a bowl of soup. They captioned the post with, "(n)oodles of fun. there's nothing we won't knit!" and followers couldn't look away.

Craftsmanship meets noodles

Instagram users can't get enough of this noodle handiwork. Comments poured in that ranged from "Wow this video helped me figure out what I was doing wrong with my stitches," to requests to see the finished product, to suggestions that intrepid knitters use the weave to top lasagna. Admirers who have undertaken similar food-knitting projects also shared their experiences, with one user sharing "I've done that with licorice laces." The video even inspired a handful of viewers, with one follower commenting with, "Maybe I can master this..."

Next time you feel inspired to take up a new hobby, consider the burgeoning world of noodle-knitting. This relatively untapped craft is building bridges between the worlds of knitting and your favorite noodles in the best way possible — and with minimal competition, you have the potential to emerge as a master of the artform. For anyone who finds this craft a little too hot to handle, you can always sit back and simply admire the handiwork of these foodie knitters.