These Sprinkles Are So Perfect, Reddit Is Mad About It

Some people just love the experience of watching someone carefully complete an organizational task or seeing pictures of objects neatly and carefully arranged. In fact, this type of content is so popular, there is even a term for it: "oddly satisfying." Whether it's perfectly stacked boxes, exceptionally designed croissants, or precise slicing motions, many people have found that this type of content can be very enjoyable to watch. And it turns out, there may be a scientific reason many people love these satisfying creations. Seeing them might trigger the release of neurotransmitters that cause feelings of pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction (via Lemonade). Speaking with Wired, YouTube's head of trends and culture Kevin Allocca suggested that visual harmony underlies this satisfaction: "There is something about finding congruence in visual stimuli that seems to be the value."

The internet's appreciation of all things oddly satisfying has grown so much there is even a whole subreddit for users to share their satisfying finds with other fans. But while the subreddit is, in theory, dedicated to the appreciation of life's satisfying little things, some posts spark a different feeling. One particular image, posted by u/pokeaim, of a piece of bread with chocolate, sprinkles neatly arranged atop in a perfect spiral, evoked strong emotions from fellow Reddit users, but not the feelings one might expect.

The perfect sprinkle arrangement stressed some people out

Rather than simply eliciting feelings of happiness and positivity, the perfect arrangement of sprinkles made quite a few users on the Oddly Satisfying subreddit respond with anger or disbelief. "Like I'm satisfied but also angry..." remarked u/seramik_studio. Another asked, "Like whose personal hell was this?" A different user chimed in, "That's oddly disturbing not satisfying." Many others simply had one question: "Why?"

While a big reason people enjoy oddly satisfying things is that they find them relaxing (via Wired), some people said this image made them feel more stressed out. "I'm emotionally exhausted just looking at this," wrote u/Komadori_Hiko. Another user agreed: "This actually made me feel much more anxious than satisfied." Multiple Redditors seemed to suggest that achieving this sprinkle configuration would be too time-consuming to be worth the effort. "Like so cool but who the f*** are you with the time, patience, and precision ability to do this?!" u/Buddhabellymama said. One person even compared it to a school project that they "tried really hard for like 4 hours and had almost no work to show for it." It seems that there may be a limit to the amount of organization that makes people feel calm – at least in this case.