This Pizza Reheating Hack Has TikTok Users Divided

According to Pizza Planet, leftover pizza is great because it "is packed with a medley of herbs and garlic, the aromas and flavors get a chance to settle together after a night in the fridge." How to reheat pizza has probably been a debate for as long as pizza has existed. Popular food blogger The Spruce Eats argues that there are three key ways to reheat pizza. Their first suggestion is to bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes (but Pop Sci notes this usually results in lackluster results like "dried up" cheese and "scab"-like sauce). Suggestion number two involves heating in a microwave, which they note may need finishing up in a toaster (although that kind of defeats the purpose of using the microwave in the first place).

Their last tip is likely going to produce the best result, heating in a skillet over a stovetop (there's a handy guide in Taste of Home as to how to best go about this). While these methods all work for some people, there are others who truly believe the best way to enjoy leftover pizza is to leave it as is and eat it cold. A popular TikTok user is sharing their favorite way to reheat old slices, and their method has other users on the platform seriously divided. Have you tried this trick?

Reheat your pizza in a frying pan with water

TikTokker aldentediva walks through the steps for what she calls "the best way to reheat a pizza," noting you should add it to a hot pan with some water. She then says when the pizza begins to get its sheen back, you should cover the pan with a topper so the steam can reheat the cheese — giving it the perfect melt without overheating it to a crustiness. This method, she says, also gives it the same taste as when it was originally delivered.

Despite her confidence that anyone who has tried this method knows it is the best way to reheat pizza, her followers are divided. One user commented, "Reheat? Cold pizza is the best!" Many agreed, but others offered up the air fryer method as an option for reheating. "I love using my air fryer to re-heat pizza," a second follower added. While some TikTok users seemed excited about trying this re-heating method, others seemed pretty stuck in their ways. There were all sorts of mentions in the comments about reheating preferences, and just about every kitchen appliance was mentioned at some point.

Are you team cold pizza, team air fryer, team frying pan, team oven, or perhaps... team microwave?