This Former Burger King Employee's Bold Tattoo Is Going Viral

When the pandemic hit businesses back in 2020, it looked like the job market might change forever. Fast forward over a year, and the effects of this sea change continue to influence the American job market. According to BBC, COVID-19 caused a massive amount of workers to either quit their jobs or completely switch careers. The response from companies came in all forms and some businesses opted to increase wages. On the other hand, some didn't see the benefits as enticing enough, and led to what experts have dubbed "The Great Resignation."

Forbes reports that 4.4 million Americans left their jobs back in September, most of which were in-person positions that offered low pay. Kylee Johnson counts herself as one of these individuals who left their job over low pay and poor working conditions, per Insider. This former Burger King employee walked out with the rest of the staff back in July over long hours, understaffing, poor salaries, and a broken air conditioner. On their way out, one member of the group changed the Burger King marquee to read, "We all quit — sorry for the inconvenience." The image of the sign then went viral and Johnson decided to commemorate the event with a tattoo.

A reminder of self-worth for the former Burger King employee

According to Flatwater Free Press, Johnson got a commemorative tattoo reading "WE ALL QUIT" to remind herself of her own self-worth. "I was raised to give respect," Johnson told the outlet. "But I was also taught that when you give respect you should be given respect back." Insider reports that Johnson and the rest of her crew underwent particularly poor conditions before resorting to a walkout. The management resisted giving senior staff members, some of which had been on payroll for almost 20 years, a pay raise to increase their salary to $12.50. Others complained that they had to work continuous six or seven day shifts from 5:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. due to a lack of staff. After the walkout, Johnson has since been banned from the Lincoln, Nebraska Burger King she abruptly quit, but her quality of life has increased.

Johnson is currently taking orders and tending the bar at a local Ruby Tuesday while finishing up a degree in business administration at Colorado Technical Institute. From time to time, some diners have recognized her as one of the former Burger King employees who quit en masse. For the time being, Johnson's tattoo not only attracts some extra attention, it has made its way into the history books as one of the many symbols of The Great Resignation.