Red Robin Just Brought Back This Fan-Favorite Milkshake

A popular fast food chain known for its elaborate burgers, Red Robin likes to experiment with menu items to surprise customers every now and then. For example, the company didn't hesitate to spike its milkshakes when alcoholic ice cream beverages started becoming popular, according to Delish. The chain released several interesting boozy combinations, such as the Irish beer shake containing a mixture of Guinness stout, Jameson whiskey, chocolate, and soft serve ice cream. Another catered to Belgian white beer fans with Blue Moon, Cointreau orange liqueur, and orange juice.

In more recent Red Robin dessert news, however, the brand has brought back one of its most beloved milkshakes for the holiday season — and it can be enjoyed by customers of all ages. As reported by Chew Boom, the special menu item will only be up for grabs for a limited time at Red Robin locations throughout the country. It even comes decked out with an edible topper that's perfect for the Christmas season.

Red Robin's gingerbread milkshake combines cookies and ice cream

As Chew Boom reports, Red Robin has brought back its seasonal gingerbread milkshake for the 2021 holidays. For those who haven't tried the treat, it's a sweet frozen beverage composed of soft serve ice cream combined with crushed graham crackers, milk, and gingerbread flavoring. To finish off the festive dessert, there's a gingerbread man cookie tucked into the whipped cream topping. Sweet-toothed fans, take note: This beverage is available at participating Red Robin eateries only through January 23, 2022.

Gingerbread milkshakes are apparently a popular dessert; there are many recipes for them online, such as one on the Kitchen Simmer blog. Someone who's tried the fast food chain's milkshake commented on the post, "I had a gingerbread milkshake from Red Robin a few years ago and it was definitely memorable." Still, you might want to make the trip to Red Robin, which is offering a deal on holiday gift cards to make the festivities even sweeter. Customers who get their hands on gift cards worth $25 will get $5 off their next order at the restaurant, while $50 gift cards earn buyers $10 off.