What Adele's Kitchen Really Looks Like

From the clean white surfaces to stormy blue accents, Adele's Beverly Hills home makes it clear that the "Easy on Me" singer brought a little touch of London with her across the pond. In 2021, despite buying two houses in Kensington, London, to create one large mansion of her dreams, the English singer relocated her family to the United States, which she now calls home (via HITC).

Vogue recently played a game of 73 Questions with the star in her Los Angeles home, and viewers got an exclusive glimpse into her beautiful and well-appointed kitchen. Apartment Therapy describes the room as a "Blue Dream," which is certainly an accurate description of the space. From the sea blue cabinets to the deep kitchen sink, the room is serving some serious misty coastal vibes.

This matches the consistent English cottage theme that Adele has established throughout the house, complete with wide windows and plushy furniture.

Differences and similarities in food culture between London and LA

As Adele told Vogue, she has a lot of fond memories in her hometown, such as performing at the iconic Soho nightclub, Madame Jojo's. Not to mention, her diaries where she wrote most of her hit album, "21," are also "hidden in a handbag somewhere" in her wardrobe room in London.

While unpacking her groceries in her kitchen, Adele mentioned the many ways how food culture is similar and different in both of her "home" countries. When asked about an unexpected similarity between London and Los Angeles, where she currently lives, the singer stated that she noticed a resemblance in the tea and coffee culture.

Another question that she was asked was whether she missed Tesco or Sainsbury's more, to which she answered, "Marks & Spencer," which is sort of like a Target, according to Abroad Purpose. Adele also noted the difficulty in keeping track of the differences between Americans' words for certain foods and their British equivalents. Some examples include "aubergine" being called eggplant and "coriander" being labeled as cilantro in the states.