Bobby Flay Revealed What It's Like Cooking For Obama

While most celebrity chefs have a major air of confidence about them, from years as head chef or simply being experts in their field, even the most well-known bosses in the food game can get a little nervous now and then. In a 2013 interview with Politico, Bobby Flay recounts just how nervous even the best of them can be when cooking for someone of the stature of not only Barack Obama, the then-president of the United States, but also the president of China.

When asked how nervous he was, Flay responded he "felt like a twelve-year-old kid." Though filled with anxiety, he not only had a "grin from ear to ear the entire time," but said that the moment the president introduced him to everyone in the dining room was "one of the most special moments of [his] career." He pulled off a meal including porterhouse steaks, New Mexican lobster tamales, personal cherry pies, and more, after having been asked by the State Department to put on a full display of diverse American cuisine and cooking techniques.

But this wasn't the first time Flay and 44 interacted

Cooking for the President of the United States must be a nerve-racking experience, but it doesn't seem that cooking alongside him is quite as bad. According to The Cook's Den, Bobby Flay was invited to the White House lawn for a Father's Day event where he'd be grilling up some steaks, corn, and barbecue chicken with Barack Obama himself. It was said that the two spent the time chumming around as if they'd known each other for ages.

Along with some tips, Barry even got some grilling compliments from the master. Though Flay joked with Obama about trying to peep at his steaks while they cooked, it seems the chef was generally impressed by President Obama knowing his way around the grill and not constantly flipping each steak as they cooked. Next we'll have to see if President Biden invites him down to make ice cream together.