Where Andrew Zimmern Wants To Go When He Finally Hits The Road Again

Have you heard of Andrew Zimmern? If so, then you probably know that the chef, writer, and television personality is a voracious consumer of all things food — from coral worms to tarantulas to fermented shark meat. Zimmern has traveled the world in search of multicultural eats, having hosted Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods" for 12 years (via IMDb). Over the course of his career, Zimmern has stacked up visits to more than 170 countries, nearly doubling that of close friend and beloved food world hero Anthony Bourdain's 93 (via R-bloggers).

Even though "Bizarre Foods" was canceled back in 2018, Zimmern still loves to travel. And although the coronavirus pandemic has made country-hopping a bit more challenging over the past couple of years, the chef and wanderer is already planning where he'll go when restrictions start to ease. Over on his Substack blog, Zimmern recently told his readers where he's itching to go, and you probably won't be surprised to hear that it's not local to his Twin Cities, Minnesota home base (via Artful Living). 

Samoa and Botswana top Zimmern's wish list

As we've detailed, Zimmern is a man with a wanderlust so legendary he literally made a career out of it. So, it should come as no surprise that Zimmern revealed on his Substack blog earlier today that he wants to go far, far away.

"I want to experience real traveling," he wrote. "I want to be somewhere that my phone may not work and my laptop is worthless. I want to eat food I can't get anywhere else, literally. I want to be on Lalomanu Beach in Samoa, or in the Aha Hills of Botswana for a sunset."

Zimmern has previously talked about how much he likes the food in the central southern African nation of Botswana. As he told us in a Mashed exclusive earlier this year, Zimmern will never forget the time the Ju'hoansi tribe hunted and prepared a giant desert porcupine, which typically weighs between 80 and 100 pounds. The coal-grilled meat, he told us, was the best thing he's ever eaten. While we wait for grilled porcupine to make it onto the menu at our favorite churrascaria, we're with Zimmern on this: bring on the travel for 2022.