Gordon Ramsay's Singing Has Instagram Cracking Up

Yesterday, Gordon Ramsay's critiques became — to use one of his favorite words — "elevated." He's taught the world how to make "Elevated Scrambled Eggs" on Masterclass, and now he's elevating his reviews of TikTok cooking videos by turning his visceral disappointment into song.

In a video he later shared on Instagram, Ramsay duets with a video of a breakfast loaf recipe by Food Made Simple. Looking up into the camera, he proclaims in an almost Christmas-like parody of "Nothing" by Bruno Major: "Please stop the cooking / Because everybody's looking / And that looks like a pile of" — the video ends there, but you can imagine what he said next. As of writing, the post has received 210,939 likes.

"Such a vibe," BBQ entertainer Jack Arnold commented, joining a slew of other accounts spewing emojis frozen in a state of tears and laughter. "This is hilarious" one accepted, "but secretly I wanna try this." They weren't the only one curious about the subject of Ramsay's ire; another commenter also asked "Am I the only one that wants to try this?" The best response, however, came from Food Made Simple: "@gordongram leave the cooking to me while you get singing lessons."

One-pot cooking

In the original TikTok, Food Made Simple showed off a recipe that consisted of stacking ham, toasted bread, sausages, beaten egg, more toasted bread, black pudding, mushrooms, and more toasted bread. It's bung in the oven for a bit. Then, garnished with bacon.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of Ramsay's TikTok takedowns, we never learn what he finds so objectionable. Is it a nutritional concern? Is it a disdain for easy cooking? It's unclear; all we're left with is an unsaid exclamation of excrement. 

If Ramsay dislikes the one-pan style of cooking, it's unfair disdain. As The Washington Post writes, such dishes may seem like yet another food trend, but they have deep roots in history. One-pot cooking, as food historian and author of "The Cooking Gene" Michael Twittyexplained, "saved time, water and firewood, three of the most important elements in the food preparation in the past."

In reality, it's more likely that the one-pot breakfast loaf's crimes against Ramsay has nothing to do with simplicity and everything to do with presentation. As appetizing as the stacked layers of food may appear, there's no getting away from the fact that it goes directly against Gordon Ramsay's much-beloved word: "elevated."