The Internet Is Roasting This Baffling Starbucks Order

Not long ago, the internet was taken aback when a Starbucks employee tweeted a photo of an extremely complicated order that involved, among other things, no less than five bananas, extra caramel drizzle, extra whip, extra ice, extra caramel crunch, seven pumps of dark caramel sauce, an extra cinnamon dollop on top, and a pump of honey blend, not to mention heavy cream and frapp chips (seven, to be exact). The photo has since been removed from Twitter, but the internet remembers, as it does, and so do we as we reflect upon what appears to be an entirely new phenomenon in the Starbucks ordering universe. 

Of course, custom coffee-bar buffs have not stopped searching for new ways to shock Starbucks baristas with their extreme orders. Even Starbucks itself seems to truly enjoy coming up with its own version of "extra" in the form of specialty drinks containing shockingly high amounts of sugar and saturated fat. However, there appears to be a new game in play at the coffee chain, and while at first glance it might appear to involve the opposite of "extra," it's actually just as extreme and just as baffling.

Let the 'roasting' begin...

On December 9, Twitter user @The3rdWright posted a photo — the one you see above, in fact — of a baffling Starbucks order which apparently involved nothing more than a cup of water with a generous dollop of whipped cream on top (via Twitter). From the label on the cup, it would appear that this was one of three items "Blade" ordered. It is not known what the other two were. But this one certainly baffled Twitter users, who took to the internet to roast it like an arabica bean. 

"Whoever ordered this is f***ing insane," wrote @The3rdWright in the caption that accompanied the photo. It's unclear how he got ahold of this photo. Perhaps he works at Starbucks, perhaps he is familiar with Blade, or perhaps... he is Blade. Or maybe he was just there getting a drink of his own when he spotted this oddity. In any case, @The3rdWright's tweet was liked 13.7 thousand times and got nearly 2,300 retweets. Plus, the comments are wall-to-wall hilarity, with some suggesting that Blade is, in fact, a dog, while others disputed this based on the claims that "Blade" is an actual person who advocates the drinking of ice water, with or without whip. 

Whomever Blade is, they are not alone in their unusually spare ordering style. Another comment, from @killlaben, shows a photo of another baffling Starbucks order: a venti cup stuffed with 30 napkins and topped with whip and a caramel drizzle (via Twitter).