This Virtual Chick-Fil-A Drive-Thru Has TikTok Divided

The COVID-19 pandemic didn't just make companies pivot. They had to spin, twirl, and back-handspring to keep business going somewhat as usual. Perhaps nothing illustrates this better than a video that shows a Chick-fil-A worker doing her job from the comfort of her own bedroom.

Originally uploaded in February by searchforthevibe, the video was reposted to TikTok on December 9 by alesander025. In only five days it has garnered more than 520,000 likes, thousands of comments, and millions of views. alesander025 captioned it, "When you have covid but nobody can cover your shift." Before you get too concerned about the welfare of the cashier in question (whose name turned out to be Jillian), however, she's a-ok. She posted after the initial video that her Chick-fil-A location in Arizona resorted to having workers report virtually during the pandemic. As the Daily Dot explains, she and other employees login from home and then input orders into an iPad that transmits them straight to the restaurant. No word on whether she pairs the trademark red polo shirt with pajama pants or not.

TikTok reaction to the remote Chick-fil-A cashier

Many of the comments generated on TikTok were floored because of the insinuation that Jillian was working from home while sick, instead of being allowed to rest and recuperate. "Taking a sick day is soooo 2019," said user Adrian Apollo.

Fortunately, at least in this case, the measure seems to be one this Chick-fil-A branch used (and possibly still uses) to keep employees safe, so it takes a lot of sting out of the original post. With that in mind, a lot of people are pretty impressed at the way that work-from-home opportunities are expanding. "Further proof that many if not most jobs can be done at home," said Duskull.

Others would like to know where to sign up. "I would definitely work there if I could do this," said K. Cecilia. User JadeBirch also noted that such a position could be a great option for single parents or people who don't have transportation. Then of course, there's the casual component. Prodbyair comments, "I wouldn't have pants on if I had to do this." You do you, buddy. You do you.