Walmart Fans Are Loving This Cook Club Shrimp And Chive Dumpling Tutorial

Making dumplings at home can seem intimidating, but as long as you're familiar with the techniques, it's a perfectly approachable process. According to Red House Spice, anyone looking to make the perfect dumplings needs to use a 2:1 ratio of flour to water when making the wrappers, while a solid balance of proteins and vegetables results in a great filling. Ready for a specific recipe? On YouTube, My Nguyen shared her secrets for the perfect shrimp and chive dumplings in a video filmed for Walmart's Cook Club.

In the tutorial, Nguyen walked through the whole dumpling preparation process, explaining why water chestnuts act as a great ingredient in the dish, why knife skills matter when you make dumplings, and proper steaming techniques. Fans loved the video and couldn't get enough of how easy Nguyen made the recipe look. Replies like, "This looks so good! Definitely going to make this!" and, "One of my favorites for the holidays," line the comments sections. While viewers had a ton of love to share with Nguyen, the positivity didn't stop on YouTube.

A dumpling recipe easy enough for everyone

Walmart also shared Nguyen's dumpling video on its Instagram channel, where followers equally loved Nguyen and the recipe. Excited comments poured in, ranging from, "I'm watching her vid rn she's so great please have her on more," all the way to, "Yes I enjoy every moment of this video keep posting her lol." While many replies featured lines of happy emojis, others simply responded with, "YUM!!"

If you have ever felt intimidated by recipes featuring seafood or steaming techniques, have no fear. Nguyen has appeared on other YouTube videos presented by Walmart, and she even helped viewers make a turkey pho earlier in the year. To conquer the fear of tackling new dishes, make sure to check out the dumpling video, load up some wrappers with shrimp and chives, and see if the goods live up to all the positive comments.