Reddit Is Dragging This 'Ungrateful' Woman Over Her Birthday Cake Story

Show of hands, please. Who feels sorry for "_dissapointment_6," the woman who posted a story on the "Am I the A**hole" subreddit, detailing how her live-in boyfriend supposedly dropped the ball on her birthday? Specifically, "Diss" (as we're referring to her) tells the story of how her 34-year old boyfriend, Alex, presented Diss with a home-cooked meal and a homemade birthday cake. So then what's the problem? 

The "problem" is that Diss specifically requested Alex celebrate her birthday by taking her out to dinner at an expensive restaurant or at least with a "somewhat expensive" birthday cake she wanted. As it turned out, the dinner Alex made for Diss "was quite good, better than most meals we eat," as Diss acknowledges. However, it was "not as good as what it would be at a restaurant." Further, Diss was flat-out displeased with her birthday cake, which she regarded as "just" something Alex made himself. 

Although Diss "pretended" to enjoy the cake, she later admitted that she'd been "hoping for a slightly nicer cake." Alex explained that it was the best he could do on his budget, which, as Diss acknowledges is limited. Adding insult to injury, this conversation was apparently overheard by Alex's 13-year old daughter, who had helped Alex bake the cake. The upshot is the daughter's feelings are hurt, and Alex wants Diss to apologize. Diss took to Reddit to ask if she is, indeed, the "A**-hole," and now Reddit is dragging her for being "ungrateful" and worse. 

Reddit is quite sure who is the a**hole in this scenario

As it turns out, Redditor "_dissapointment_6" is getting no love on the "Am I the A**hole" subreddit, on which she asked, more or less, whether she should have been more gracious (or even minimally gracious) toward her live-in boyfriend and his teenage daughter for putting together what multiple commenters thought was a "sweet" and thoughtful birthday celebration. In fact, Reddit is calling her out for, as one commenter put it, "[choosing] to be incredibly ungrateful when your BF of 3 years (and his daughter!) demonstrated their love for you in the best way they could." 

For one thing, as Diss noted herself, Alex, who had been making six figures" when the two began dating three years earlier, was downsized during the pandemic, forcing him to mind his budget and accept contributions from Diss toward their shared living expenses. And Diss seems miffed. But many of the comments call her an ungrateful "gold digger." Apart from that, Reddit's collective mind is boggled that "someone would complain about their SO making them a meal and a cake from scratch for their birthday!" as one thoughtful Redditor wrote.

"The boyfriend doesn't deserve her," another Redditor declared. And by that, they meant, "He deserves much, much better. So does his daughter." For everyone who disagrees with Diss as to what constitutes an appropriately loving gesture to recognize a birthday, we'd like to recommend these best cakes to bake for a birthday.