NFL Owner Robert Kraft Uses This Strategy When Visiting Dunkin'

Boston is known for many things, like Fenway Park, all those Wahlberg guys, and of course, "lobstah" rolls. But few come close to rivaling the stronghold that Dunkin' Donuts has on Bostonians. Per Boston magazine, the force is strong with Dunkin', no matter the pay grade of the customer in question. 

Robert Kraft, who you probably know as the owner of the New England Patriots, is a huge fan, and even sets his ordering style based on how the team played that week. Kraft told the magazine this about his coffee ritual: "When we win I like to go inside my local Dunkin' Donuts." He then said that after his team loses, "I go through the drive-through." As for his typical coffee order, that would be a large "with milk, no sugar."

Kraft's post-loss avoidance probably has nothing to do with the smiling staff or a rushed schedule. In all likelihood, he just wants a break from the notoriously overzealous Patriot critics. And who can blame him?

Robert Kraft's long-standing love affair with Dunkin' Donuts

Born in nearby Brookline, Massachusetts, Robert Kraft is a Dunkin' fan through and through (via The Kraft Group). In 2016, the billionaire businessman gave a commencement address where his love of Dunkin' (and distaste for competitor Starbucks) was a major talking point, according to Boston. He noted in the address that he feels strongly about helping to "fix the world," and one small way that he engenders goodwill is by paying for the orders of the people behind him in line. "It typically costs me less than $10, and makes the other people feel good, and more importantly, it makes me feel so good," he said. "And random acts of kindness change the world one person at a time."

Even if you're not a Patriots fan, it's tough not to respect the guy after hearing this. In a world where lots of billionaires shirk any association, much less philanthropy toward regular Joes, it's always nice to see one with a generous heart.