Costco Shoppers Are Psyched For This Scented Hand Soap Collection

Do you have a home goods lover in your life who you still need to buy a holiday present for? Look no further than this scented hand soap collection, available at Costco. The Instagram accounts @costcobuys and @costco.mademedoit posted pictures of this perfect four-pack of 21.5-ounce bottles. The collection is perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, or even as a gift for your friends. The best part is that this bundle comes at a reasonable price of $9.99, so it would also make a great stocking stuffer.

The scents included in the collection are Sweet + Orange, Eucalyptus + Mint, Coconut + Vanilla, and Lavender + Thyme. The Sweet + Orange would be perfect for anyone who loves light, citrusy fragrances, while the Eucalyptus + Mint is ideal for those who like a more herbal-based, fresh smell. The Coconut + Vanilla is a nice warm scent, and Lavender + Thyme is great for anyone who is a fan of essential oils. As you can see, there is a great mix in this variety pack.

Home goods lovers are going wild in the comments

In the comments of @costcobuys' Instagram post, users are notably impressed with the design of the bottles. One user, @targettakesmypaycheck, wrote, "So aesthetically pleasing." Another follower, @mxi.le, commented, "I just want the bottle."

In addition to getting a variety of different fragrances, the packaging is definitely another reason to splurge on this new item. The comments on @costco.mademedoit's post were less bottle-focused, but were still enthusiastic nonetheless. The account, @costcoguide, commented, "Ooh those sound like they smell yummy!" Another user, @costcocasual, wrote, "Lovely scents!!" Each fragrance is also labeled with a certain effect: Sweet + Orange as "nourishing," Eucalyptus + Mint as "relaxing," Coconut + Vanilla as "soothing," and Lavender + Thyme as "calming."

All 4 types of soap are enriched with coconut oil, which is known to be a great moisturizer for the skin. This makes this product ideal for both the kitchen and bathroom — and perfect for any home decor lover in your life.