Aldi Fans Are So Excited To Grab These Ornament Christmas Trees

If you love decorating for Christmas, Aldi usually has you covered. Aldi UK has officially brought out its outdoor seasonal decorations, and anyone in England can grab a light-up snowman or inflatable Santa wreath. Many of these products have also made it stateside. Last year, Aldi Reviewer found that the grocery chain had full stocks of tinsel, Christmas train sets, and even tree ornaments. Aisle of Shame identified several Aldi ornaments last year, ranging from glass ugly sweaters to winking owls, perfect for Aldi fans who need to spruce up their tree. The wait has finally come to an end, and these glass ornaments have made a return to stores stateside. Now, social media users have taken notice.

Instagrammer @adventuresinaldi discovered that the chain now has boxed ornament trees for sale. They snapped a picture of the find and captioned it with, "Ornament trees for $9.99!!! Loooove these! I was hoping to find the other colors too, but my normal store didn't have them! I'll be checking a couple more tomorrow though! You literally cannot beat these for only 10 bucks! I saw one for $60 at another store not long ago. Insane! Did you snag one!?" Fans couldn't wait to share their thoughts on the find and replies quickly flooded in.

A ton of love for Aldi's ornament trees

Shoppers and followers alike couldn't hold back their excitement and shared their thoughts on the find. The Instagram post came lined with comments like, "Love them I'm going tomorrow hopefully there not sold out," and "I picked up one. Had to dig thru to find one that wasn't dented or scraped up." Some got lucky, and found their favorite color combos, saying, "I was fortunate to find one in the red, green, silver, and gold." One follower grabbed them all, replying with, "I got all three sizes of the mercury glass ones in silver! So excited! I talked myself out of them several times in the past but glad I didn't today!"

If you need to spread some holiday cheer this year at home, keep your eyes peeled for these Christmas decorations that have the potential to bring some extra warmth home. With a touch of the holidays like this, you can make sure your home feels cozy and ready for everything the holidays can throw at you.