Instagram Is Loving Ree Drummond's 'Aluminum Foil' Coat

Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman, is mostly known for the cooking she does on her blog and television show, as well as the judging she does for Food Network competition shows. However, she's also known for her fashion. In fact, she even has her own clothing line at Walmart. When Drummond, who is currently on vacation in Vail, Colorado, posted a recent outfit photo on Instagram wearing a shiny, metallic coat, it got fans talking.

The photo shows Drummond outside, standing in front of 2 lit-up fir trees with snow on the ground. Drummond herself is wearing a black knit hat with a poof on top, her hair is straightened to a sleek shine, and then, well, there's the jacket. Maybe Drummond's own words will help illustrate the jacket better than we can: "I'm just trying to come up with a caption so I can post this photo of me in my trusty old aluminum foil coat. I've had this coat for 94 years and it not only keeps me warm, it doubles as an iPhone charger," the star cook joked. Fans ate it up.

Fans love Drummond's coat

Luckily, no one was making fun of Drummond's fashion sense when they saw the coat — at least, not in a mean way. "Those coats are the warmest!! And double as an emergency SOS if you ever get stranded," joked one fan. Another said, "You are GLOWING queen!!" and Drummond responded, "It's my coat!" followed by a crying-while-laughing emoji. Drummond also learned she wasn't alone. "My daughter calls her similarly foil-ish coat her baked potato coat," commented one fan.

Others wondered if the picture of Drummond all bundled up hinted that she was doing some outdoor activity, but she set her fans straight right away. "Have you gone skiing yet?" commented one fan. "Heck no," replied Drummond, using the crying-while-laughing emoji yet again. That makes sense considering that in an earlier post on Instagram, Drummond said "I don't want to ski," and lamented that her Gen-Z travel companions just didn't get it. For now, it sounds like she'll be bundled up in her foil coat enjoying the sights from the bottom of the slopes instead of on the mountain.