Martha Stewart's Christmas Gift For Her Granddaughter Raises Concerns

Martha Stewart is dealing with some critics after an Instagram post that she no doubt intended to be heartwarming somewhat backfired. Alongside a picture of a collection of makeup that any cosmetologist would covet, Stewart posted the caption, "Granddaughter Jude is getting a real makeup kit for Christmas."

However, Stewart then went on to say that her 10-year-old granddaughter, "loves to paint her face." Most people can still get on board with that because really, what kid her age doesn't love to play with makeup? It's the remainder of the comment that has people up in arms: "...And now she'll have everything she needs to make her visage even more alluring and beautiful than it is!!!"

Beautiful, definitely. But alluring? For a 10-year-old? It seems like a case of poor word choice on Stewart's part, as the primary definition per is, "very attractive or tempting; enticing; seductive." We have to assume that wasn't what she was going for with her caption.

Critical commentary by Stewart's "fans"

Some fans were quick to pick up on the misuse of the word by Stewart. "An 'alluring' ten-year-old? One hopes not," commented just_sinead. Truecrimenic concurs, referring to the word choice as "gross on several levels," while also noting, "I hope she just has fun and doesn't think she needs makeup to be more alluring and beautiful."

User gardenpro2000 sought to reframe Stewart's caption to something a little more age-appropriate. "Paint her face? I think grandma means enhance her existing beauty." Gardenpro2000 said, adding a giggle at the end with, "And who says visage? Martha my dear, you are too much."

But for all the concern, many others are choosing to see the post as a doting grandma singing the praises of her gorgeous granddaughter. Commenter therealmattkat was absolutely impressed, saying, "Omg. Can you be my grandma." Trixie29r loves that, "It's not super expensive," and poppymarquez3 applauded Stewart's gift-gifting technique with, "That's so thoughtful. I'm sure she will love it."

Others had to call out the elephant in the room, as Christmas is still days away. Saraleejam said, "Hope she doesn't follow her grandma on Insta."