Twitter Can't Wait To Try These New Bud Light Seltzer Sours

Hard seltzers have truly found their market. According to Thing Testing, you can now choose from over 150 brands that sell this adult beverage — and the selection can feel dizzying. 

Delish reports that 33 hard seltzers rank among the best, and include offerings from the likes of Bud Light and Jose Cuervo, all the way to craft companies like Karbach Brewing and Flying Embers. Bud Light now has plans to take on these established drinks with their new, sour take on the classic hard seltzer formula.

In a recent Twitter post, Bud Light posted a new image showcasing sour seltzers that come in watermelon, blue raspberry, lemon, and green apple flavor. The image came with text reading, "Are you ready? Bud Light Seltzer Sours are here and ready to add some zing to your tastebuds! Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, and Green Apple, which are you popping open first?" Fans couldn't wait to jump in and share their thoughts.

Sour seltzers that have Twitter talking

The tweet quickly blew up as fans immediately joined the conversation. Replies included gems like "Oh I want to try these so much!" and "Had a case this weekend it was ELECTRIC." Others jumped in with replies ranging from "Right up my alley! Will try 'em out!" to simply "I LOVE THESE!!!!" 

According to Elite Daily, these drinks should pop up wherever you can normally get Bud Light, including Target, Instacart, and Total Wine, among others. They retail between $14.99 and $20.99, and should hit shelves starting on December 27. However, Bud Light only plans to keep them around for a limited time. The official end date has yet to be announced, so if these drinks sound tempting, make sure to try them before they disappear.

USA Today reports that these seltzers hit stores alongside Bud Light's hard soda line, but promise to dish out extremely loud flavors. The word's still out on how loud these flavors might be or what they taste like, but if you want to start 2022 with some new seltzer, they should definitely help get the party started.