The Ron Swanson Parks And Rec Food Endorsement You Probably Missed

Fans of the hit NBC series "Parks and Recreation" know Ron Swanson as a proud American capitalist, woodworking mastermind, and food and beverage enthusiast. Throughout the course of the show's seven seasons, we watched as the Pawnee government employee played by Nick Offerman unapologetically imparted his wisdom on the absurdity of the vegan diet, the deceptions of skim milk, and his love of breakfast food (via Swanson Quotes). He might be reticent, but when Ron Swanson's got strong opinions, he'll let you know. However, even avid binge-watchers of "Parks and Rec" might have missed Ron's subtle endorsement of one pantry staple.

In an episode entitled "The Fight," Ron Swanson proclaims his admiration for a kitchen ingredient you've likely seen and used (via TV Fanatic). "I won't publicly endorse a product unless I use it exclusively and I really believe in it. My only official recommendations are U.S. Army-issued mustache trimmers, Morton Salt, and the C.R. Laurence Fein two-inch ax style scraper oscillating knife blade," Swanson declared. Did you catch it? Stuck between his recommendations for a blade and a facial hair trimmer was a resounding endorsement for none other than good old Morton Salt. What makes the salt brand so special that Ron Swanson swears by it?

Why does Ron Swanson love Morton Salt?

Good food needs salt, and according to Vulture, Ron Swanson has eaten a wide range of food in his time. While we can't say for sure why Swanson swears by Morton Salt, it might have something to do with its history of innovation and efficiency. The ability to adapt and meet the needs at hand is definitely something he would admire.

Morton Salt was formulated in 1911 due to consumer complaints. Granules of salt in traditional shakers clumped together in big, hard chunks when the temperature and humidity fluctuated even slightly, like during rain showers (via Made in Chicago Museum). The new table salt promised to flow freely come rain or shine. According to Mental Floss, the key to the formula was the addition of magnesium carbonate, a type of anti-caking agent. The formula wasn't Morton's only contribution towards disrupting the salt industry: They continued innovating with a cylindrical-shaped container and a spout that effortlessly dispensed the now free-flowing salt. As a fan of unassuming efficiency, Ron Swanson would of course use Morton Salt.

He may also love the brand's iconic marketing. The Morton Salt Girl and the common saying Morton invented as their slogan ("when it rains it pours") were an ingenious nod to the salt's ability to gush out regardless of weather conditions (via Morton Salt). Their logo became a recognizable symbol for salt that gets the job done.