Here's What Duff Goldman Ate For His 47th Birthday Dinner

Taking a short break from sharing about his adorable baby Josephine, Duff Goldman has fans tuning in to see what favorite foods this "Ace of Cakes" enjoys for his own indulgence — specifically his 47th birthday. In a recent Instagram post, the celebrity baker writes, "I cannot thank my muffin @johnnapgoldman and Josephine for coordinating with @marshlandrestaurants and getting fried clams, cape cod clam chowder, and real sandwich stuffed quahogs for my birthday dinner."

Not to be limited to just one meal, Goldman quickly adds, "Also, not pictured is the delicious @ralphsgrocery chocolate sheet cake my super cool neighbors @topangagems Michael and Jennifer got me. This has been the best birthday I've had in a loooong time!"

When it comes to the birthday food, Goldman's fans are quick to respond with envy, such as @sweet_irenes, who writes "Fried clams with the bellies are my absolute favorite things on earth. Grew up in New England and now live in Alabama and I miss those bellies SO much!" Turns out, Goldman's birthday menu is a seafood lover's dream.

Duff's birthday seafood feast

Readers at home (or at least on the East Coast) can try Duff's birthday dinner for a relatively affordable price. The original Marshlands Restaurant is located in the town of Sandwich and has been a Massachusetts "landmark" for over 50 years. The restaurant's self-described "concentration on home-cooked comfort foods at reasonable prices" has led to multiple expansions since the original flagship opened. Eaters can order stuffed quahogs with drawn butter and a lemon wedge for $7.36 online, a fried clam strip plate with french fries and homemade coleslaw for $16.83, and a 12-ounce side of "local favorite" clam chowder for $6.32. You might just say this meal is "heavenly" for clam-lovers!

Many readers have enjoyed their own birthday sheetcakes as well, and fan shaun24324 says what we are all thinking: "Happy birthday that sounds delicious where is the picture of the sheet cake? Lol we want to see a picture of the sheet cake it sounds delicious." While we can't speak to any custom decorations, grocery chain Ralph's offers a simple chocolate celebration cake online for just $5. Adorned with chocolate frosting and colorful confetti sprinkles, this simple treat is sure to bring a smile to anyone.

So happy birthday Duff — and happy celebrations to those enjoying their own feasts at home, too.