Never Ask Your Server This Question

Throughout a busy shift, servers interact with many customers. Some may be pleasant and kind, while others can seem rude and abrupt, and there are those in-between guests who think they are being nice, but are actually quite offensive. Yes, that is possible, and you might be surprised to learn that you are guilty of acting this way, too.

When dining out, a general rule of thumb is to speak to your server the way you'd like to be spoken to. After all, this is the person responsible for relaying your order correctly to the kitchen, refilling your drinks, and bringing you extra ranch. Treating your server with respect and kindness should make your dining experience much more enjoyable. 

It's important to note that most servers don't want you touching them, or calling them affectionate names such as "honey" or "sweetie." It's also rude to whistle or snap your fingers at them to get their attention. Of course, small talk is appreciated and acceptable — when done appropriately. 

You might be wondering just how small talk could be done inappropriately, but according to Verywell Mind, chit-chat certainly can go wrong. The outlet shares that small talk topics should include weather and entertainment talk, rather than politics and religion. There is, however, some conversation that should be avoided altogether.

Never ask your server about other jobs

According to Food Network, small talk can take a turn for the worse the further you probe into your server's personal life. While most restaurant employees can appreciate a guest caring enough to ask about their day, the question "What else do you do?" is a surefire way to turn a pleasant dining experience into an awkward one. This may seem like a harmless enough question, but it's actually insulting.

Asking what other job your server has can imply that they don't make enough money solely as a server. The question also suggests that serving can't be a profitable and satisfying career, which is far from the truth.

Servers can make a great salary, and depending on where they work, they can also earn benefits and paid time off. Many restaurants offer a base salary, but the bulk of a server's income is from tips. Servers at Chili's might make as much as $300 in tips during a busy shift, per Glassdoor users. The type of restaurant, the shifts worked, and the clientele all help determine how much money there is to be made as a server. 

The bottom line is simply to treat your server with respect and dignity, as you would anyone else, and your time dining out is sure to be a happy experience.