Why Reddit Thinks MasterChef Australia Is Better Than MasterChef US

As a competitive food show that has inspired many across the globe, "MasterChef" remains a popular name after all these years. According to TVOvermind, the show made its debut in the UK in 1990. It went through a makeover a few years later and was reintroduced in 2005. 

The show became so popular that it inspired people in other parts of the world to come up with their own unique takes on it. The American edition started in April 2000, while its Australian counterpart took off a few years later in 2009 (per Buzzfeed).

Hardcore fans have pretty strong opinions about "MasterChef" as a TV show, particularly when it comes to which version reigns supreme. Certain Redditors believe that the Australian version beats the American one. A commenter even made the point that the food seen on "MasterChef Australia" at various points is much higher in terms of quality compared to its American counterpart.

Viewers have strong opinions

Well, for several "MasterChef" fans on Reddit, there's just something special about the show's Australian counterpart. For one fan, the MasterClasses are the best part about the show. They wrote, "I feel like I'm actually learning something as opposed to the MasterClasses in MasterChef US where its just Gordon filleting a fish with stock sword slash sound effects."

Another viewer said that they enjoy watching the judges on "MasterChef Australia" as they critique the different dishes prepared by the participants on the TV show. They added, "I love listening to them give constructive and helpful criticism without trying to be a******* or showman-y just for the sake of it." Someone else mentioned that they're blown away by the sheer talent on display and can't stop admiring how talented the participants are.

A fan did speak up for the American edition, though. They said that they've been watching "MasterChef U.S." for so long that they've become pretty loyal to it at this point.