Why Future Chose KFC Over Sushi At Louis Vuitton

Rapper Future knows exactly who he is and isn't. One of the things he is not, apparently, is a sushi eater. The rapper recently hit up Dubai with his crew, and was extended an invitation by the local Louis Vuitton store for a swank dinner, per XXL. Before you even ask: No, they don't do that for just anyone. You have to be pretty rich and/or famous (and spending a pile of money) for that kind of treatment.

When they arrived, the group was greeted with a sushi feast that many foodies would die for. Future, however, had other opinions about the Japanese delicacy. In his Instagram story, he wrote, "Had to go for KFC, we dnt [expletive] with sushi." Apparently, no one else in his entourage likes sushi, including Zona Man, another rapper who attended the dinner with him.

The spread included a full selection of fried chicken along with French fries. It's not exactly shocking that the Atlanta-born rapper favors KFC, since fried chicken is a staple in many Southern households. In fact, his favorite meal of all time is a No. 1 combo from Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A, washed down with an Arnold Palmer (per Us Weekly).

Future has shockingly casual food preferences

This isn't the first time that Future has made his food preferences known, according to HipHopMag. The song "Jumpman," for instance, includes the line "Chicken wings and fries, we don't go on dates" (via LyricsJonk). To many, this means that he prefers casual food and settings to fancy eateries. What doesn't make a lot of sense is the fact that in the same song, he repeatedly mentions Nobu, a popular sushi spot. Then again, he's Future, so he can rap whatever he wants.

According to FoodBeast, Future also references filet mignon in the song "Photocopied," as he's apparently a pretty serious red meat eater. He's not totally meat-focused, however. He told Us Weekly back in 2017 that he "could never live without Gummi worms," noting that they are his favorite snack when working in the studio as they help him stay focused. He also eats warmed-up butter croissants for breakfast every day.

It's clear that Future is a meat-and-potatoes guy. Unsurprisingly, he has also said that he "never, ever" eats seafood, as he "ain't down with how it smells." Which pretty much solves the sushi mystery.