This New Zealand Airline Will Take You Directly To A Winery

In the United States, ideas to ban alcohol on flights are fermenting. A New Zealander winery, however, has plans to charter a special plane just so people can visit their vineyards.

Starting in early 2022, as Invivo explains in a press release, people can fly from Auckland to Queenstown as part of their upcoming Invivo Air flights. "It's been a tough period of time, particularly for our bars and restaurant customers in both the North and South Island heavily reliant on local tourism," wrote Tim Lightbourne, co-founder of Invivo. "Running a flight to the South Island is a way that we can show the public the country is open again for domestic tourism, and at the same time support some of those who have had a particularly tough time of it."

Priority for the limited number of complimentary seats will be given to those who work in the industries most affected by the lockdown, namely, hospitality and tourism. Guests will stay for a day at the Hilton in Queenstown and spend time with the growers. Aucklanders who are interested can register on before 6 p.m. on January 14.

Invivo loves a gimmick

Chartering a private plane for a domestic tour via Invivo Air is right up the company's alley. After all, they did also announce their own non-fungible token (NFT) earlier this year.

As NFT News UK reported in November, Invivo partnered with the Irish comedian and talk show host Graham Norton to release NFT wine bottles. As usual, the bottles themselves don't exist, but as Invivo explained in a separate blog post, buying them included benefits like a one-on-one tasting with Norton. Why this required an NFT is unclear. It's probably to boost a brand that would later announce plans to charter a plane to whisk people to a vineyard.

For the more jaded, however, there are actual Graham Norton bottles of rosé for sale – actual bottles of actual rosé. So, the NFT indulgence is apparently to make the most of a general celebrity partnership. No doubt we'll hear from Invivo again once they decide to form their own country to sponsor a nice white wine.