Ree Drummond Shared Her Bizarre Reaction To Malted Milk Balls

"Let food be thy medicine," a phrase heard time and again which implies that the better you eat, the healthier you'll be. According to Healthline, there is some truth to this saying, as what you eat can be medicinal. There are foods that provide antioxidants, essential nutrients, immune system benefits, and certain foods even aid in the prevention, and sometimes the treatment, of disease. Something as simple as adding spices to your food can help reduce allergy symptoms. 

There is a flip side, however, as some foods can do more harm than good. For example, raw or undercooked shellfish can cause food poisoning and sickness, and peanuts are associated with allergic reactions, which can be as mild as hives or as severe as anaphylaxis. Some foods can even provoke odd symptoms, such as night sweats and vivid dreams. Ree Drummond recently shared an odd and unexpected reaction she had from eating some malted milk balls before bed, and while you might be thinking she woke with a sour stomach, that wasn't the case at all.

Too much sugar before bed may cause nightmares

The Pioneer Woman took to her Instagram, posting a breathtaking picture of the sun rising outside her home amidst the trees. She commented "What day is it? What year is it? I slept so hard," and went on to describe her dream, "babies on motorcycles. One of them was chasing me." Drummond explains in her post that she attributed this bizarre nightmare to having eaten a bunch of malted milk balls before going to sleep, and time4sleep reports she may be right. The outlet shares that too much sugar before bed can cause nightmares.

The Instagram post garnered a whopping 879,000 likes and 840 comments, with many fans sharing their own similar experiences with food. One user posted "That happens to me when I eat peanut butter before bed," and another shared, "I dreamt about a big snake eating a skunk out my window. No more Christmas cookies before bed." 

Other followers chose to focus on the post's photo instead, with comments like "I love that view!" and "What a stunning photo! The promise of a new day captured in film!" And despite Drummond's plea of "Please, no grandchild comments," fans dug in a little with posts like, "Ha! Well those babies are coming!!!" 

There may not be any grandchildren for her just yet, but one thing is fairly certain, Ree will be steering clear of Whoppers at night, as she posted, "that's the last time I eat malted milk balls before bed!"