What President Biden Really Eats For Breakfast

When you think of breakfast in the White House, you may expect an immense display that completely overwhelms the eyes and stomachs of ordinary citizens. Maybe you imagine that the president wakes every morning to the sight of a giant table creaking under the weight of mountains of expertly cooked pancakes, omelets, bacon, and other savory dishes served on platters. The White House boasts three kitchens and two impressively stocked pantries (via Insider) so it would make sense that some of that prime culinary real estate might be used to prepare the president's morning meal.

However, when President Joe Biden wakes in the morning, he is not greeted by a feast of breakfast foods. The president's meal is a far more humble affair, and he puts fancy cuisines aside and typically opts for straightforward basics like cereal and eggs (via People). The details of Biden's breakfast might surprise you with its simplicity.

Jill Biden is in charge of breakfast

A simple breakfast might not be what you expect from a president with a full White House staff, but, according to People, President Biden savors the relief that he and his wife can make breakfast on their own. He said, "The guys who run the kitchen on the second floor, we don't have them come in to do breakfast works, because there's no need for them to have to do breakfast, whereas we can make our own eggs or pour a bowl of cereal." First Lady Jill Biden usually prepares the meal — the president has readily admitted that he is not much of a cook and can't do much in the kitchen

The cereal of choice for President Biden appears to be Kellogg's Special K, which Delish notes was always kept in stock during his time as vice president. The Washington Post adds that low-fat yogurt is also a frequent find in the Bidens' refrigerator, and also reports that President Biden will sometimes change his breakfast routine to treat his grandchildren at a cafe in Delaware.