This Ridiculous Chick-Fil-A Order Limit Has Fans Laughing

Chick-fil-A patrons have a history of ordering some very strange meals. One user over on TikTok showed off some very odd order requests from the restaurant, including an order of mac and cheese with a straw, a Cobb salad with a specific demand to omit tomatoes, corn, and grapes, and medium rare chicken. At the very least, these customers only placed single orders and didn't try to overwhelm their local Chick-fil-A's computer system.

One location recently had to implement a very high maximum order limit for reasons unknown. Over on Reddit, one user found a Chick-fil-A restaurant with a $10 million order limit, and posted a screenshot of the incredibly high pay ceiling. This extreme limit can make anyone chuckle, especially after remembering that the chain had to limit sauces earlier in the year due to supply issues, per Today. Fans loved this eye-popping limit and couldn't wait to share their thoughts on the ridiculously-high order cap.

What fans say about the high Chick-fil-A order cap

Fellow Redditors immediately jumped into the thread and shared their takes on the image. Gems include comments like, "Ours is like $75 lol then people just do multiple orders," or, "To be fair, that's only like, what, 4 gallons of lemonade?" Other highlights range from, "Guess I'll have to split up my order," to, "Yes I'd like to place an order for everything in the store." One user summed it up best, saying, "Well to be fair if you want more than that you should probably just be buying the whole store."

With any luck, you should never have to worry about any particular limits like this on your next fast food order. Next time you hit up this fried chicken chain, make sure to keep these maximum-order amounts in mind and if you feel inclined to do so, get ready to spend about $10 million at some very particular Chick-fil-A store.