A Dunkin' Employee May Have Leaked A New Drink Flavor On Reddit

Dunkin' has pioneered some very inventive flavors over the years. According to Restaurant Clicks, the coffee and donut chain has excelled at finding ways to imbue their coffee with peanut butter, butter pecan, and pumpkin flavors, among many others. While these crowd-pleasing taste sensations have hit the mark for a good number of customers, it can take some time for the chain to roll out new flavors — and anyone who likes variety can get impatient. Luckily, fans of Dunkin's coffee can now start to get excited for a future option that may have just leaked over on Reddit. A user on r/DunkinDonuts posted a picture of a plastic container of Brown Sugar Cookie syrup with the title, "New Brown Sugar Cookie is actually delicious. Can't wait for y'all to try it."

Some excited employees and Dunkin' fans have already gotten a chance to try the flavor and shared their take in the thread. One person replied with, "It's so good. These syrups have been really good since chocolate stout, I've been impressed with each LTO [limited-time offer] cold brew with cold foam," while another jumped in and said, "It tastes like stroopwafels." The thread also revealed when the flavor should potentially drop at participating locations, and it appears we won't have to wait long to try it out.

The leaked flavor sounds perfect for winter

If you can't wait to get your hands on a Dunkin' drink with this new syrup, you won't have to wait long. According to users on Reddit, the Brown Sugar Cookie flavor should officially drop in early January 2022 but will probably only be around for a month or so based on comments on the thread. One Redditor said, "Looking forward to it. I loved the cookie dough swirl from summer time, and then gingerbread last winter was great. This will probably be up my alley," while another said, "I can't wait to try it, but I'm disappointed that it's only going to be available for about a month or so."

Dunkin' has a long history of finding success by tapping into cookie flavors, like tapping into America's love for Girl Scout cookies with their S'mores, Thin Mints, and Coconut Caramel iced coffees — and this new flavor may have the potential to compete with those classic flavors. The chain has yet to reveal any official details, so make sure to keep your eyes out for the potential announcement of the launch, likely coming soon. With any luck, the chain shouldn't make you wait much longer for this delectable new flavor.