Alex Guarnaschelli's Meme About Her Holiday Feelings Is So Relatable

Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli is used to high-pressure situations and knows what it's like to deal with a lot of stress. She told Parade in 2014, "The pressure is relentless. There's always something I could be doing better. At a certain point each day, I realize that if I don't go home and rest, I'll deplete what energy I need to begin again the next day." She also mentioned that she has learned to head home after a long day and recharge instead of staying at work for extended periods.

The chef shared a few glimpses into her wellness routine and said that she prefers to set aside 15 minutes every morning to observe mindfulness instead of "making lists or running in overdrive" and turns to activities like bike riding and solving crossword puzzles in order to keep her stress levels in check. 

Guarnaschelli seems to have mastered the art of prioritizing her well-being instead of feeling pressured to act a certain way: her recent Instagram post made a strong point and impressed her fans.

She is focusing on self-care

It seems like Alex Guarnaschelli isn't afraid of speaking her mind when she has to: she recently took to Instagram to share a meme that made her feelings about the holidays abundantly clear. The text on the image acknowledged the value of "JOMO" and explained the concept, "Joy of Missing Out; feeling content with staying in and disconnecting as a form of self-care." The chef acknowledged that she likes the idea and wrote in her caption, "This is my new holiday word."

Guarnaschelli was not alone and her fans cheered her on, writing that they could relate to her and understood where she was coming from. A commentator said that they've embraced this philosophy and even purchased a book that explores the concept of JOMO while someone else mentioned that this way of living is rather peaceful. Somebody even joked, "Amen to that! I'm sick of my FOMO friends," referring to the opposite concept, known as the "Fear of Missing Out."