Instagram Is Begging Geoffrey Zakarian To Share His Chili Recipe

Chili is one of those dishes that people have lots of different opinions on: If you live in Texas, it should be beef only, with no beans in sight; but, if you're vegetarian, a three-bean chili is a cozy, hearty meal on cold winter nights. And let's not forget creamy white chicken chili. So when chef Geoffrey Zakarian made a vague post on Instagram showing "the beginnings of a great pot of chili," fans were anxious to learn more.

To be honest, it was kind of surprising to see Zakarian making a dish this humble. The Food Network star, who has appeared as a judge and host on a number of programs and is also one of the main cast members on the talk show, "The Kitchen," is known for his fancy ways. He's a sharp dresser (via Business Insider), loves the "glamour" of the world of chefs and restaurants, and got his start at the legendary upscale restaurant Le Cirque in New York City, where he was at one time the chef de cuisine. That makes us think that if Zakarian is making a traditionally homey dish like chili, his rendition is probably a high-quality, upscale version that we must get our hands on.

Fans wanted to know Zakarian's chili secrets

In the Instagram video Geoffrey Zakarian posted, he's seen shaking a mountain of dried spices over a quarter-sheet pan that's loaded with chopped onions and what looks like yellow bell peppers (though the yellow bits might just be onions coated in turmeric or another spice). The reason why we can't give you more details, however, is because Zakarian didn't actually share any part of his recipe and left many people hanging in suspense.

"Can you share your recipe please," said one person, while another wondered, "You season your onions first!?" And another said, "Tease. Need the entire video recipe — PLEASE." Though one commenter summed it up with, "I think we all want your recipe." Fans are desperate to try Zakarian's chili recipe, especially as winter takes over and with the Super Bowl not too far off. The chef does have a "Game Day Chili" recipe on his website, but it doesn't seem to use the same method as he shows in the Instagram video. Hungry fans will just have to wait to see if the chef shares his secret chili recipe in the future.