Taking A Bite Out Of These Cadbury UK Eggs Could Cost You A Fortune

Anyone who wants a taste of true luxury doesn't have to look far. According to Ventured, chocolate aficionados can dish out $1,600 for a bar of Cadbury Wispa Gold Chocolate, $10,000 for 49 pieces of Swarovski-studded chocolates, or even $1.5 million for a chocolate box adorned with exquisite jewelry. Cadbury now has a new confection that can easily compete with these other treats and ranks as one of the more expensive chocolates out there.

My London reports that Cadbury's latest promotion intends to reward lucky sweet-toothed fans for buying their chocolate eggs. The candy company has hidden 146 half-white, half-milk chocolate eggs across the U.K. as part of a Creme Egg Hunt that lasts until March 17. Anyone who stumbles upon one of these eggs can exchange it for a whopping £10,000, or $13,535.30, per xe.com. Cadbury hid these jackpot-eggs at Asda, Co-op, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, and an independent retailer, so if you find yourself anywhere in the U.K., make sure to scour these stores for the lucky eggs. Just keep in mind that anyone who takes a bite from these expensive eggs gets immediately disqualified.

The most luxurious egg hunt of all time

Even if you don't find a £10,000 chocolate egg, you might still find a lesser chocolate prize. According to My London, Cadbury has also released three eggs worth £5,000 each at Waitrose, One Stop, and a Booker shop, and four eggs that garner £1,000 apiece can be found at Iceland and Booths stores. Cadbury has also scattered 12 eggs worth £500, as well as even more eggs that come with £50 prize amounts. 

If you think you found a prize egg, you have until June 17 to claim your prize by calling a number printed on the egg's tinfoil wrapper to register the prize. Everyone who calls gets asked a series of questions, including the unique code on the ticket, the retailer it was purchased from, plus the date and location of purchase. With any luck, shoppers will find all of these fancy eggs before the competition ends — and hopefully no one takes a bite out of the prize-winning chocolates.

These chocolate treats can easily dethrone some of the finest chocolates out there. Compare a £5,000 Cadbury egg to The Royal Book Chocolate Selection, a box of 150 chocolates totaling $2,117.45 in value, and the comparison seems almost comical, per Rarest. Stay on the lookout for these rare candies and resist the temptation to bite into these prizes.