Aldi Shoppers Are Loving This Indoor Spin Bike

Though we've been living in 2022 for a few days now, it still has that new year smell of hope and possibilities. What better time, then, to make good on that resolution to exercise more? At least, that's what Aldi seems to be thinking — and judging by Aldi fan Instagram accounts and their followers that have reacted to a recent product sighting in the store, the company seems right.

Both Adventures in Aldi and Aldi Favorite Finds have posted on Instagram about seeing the ProForm indoor spin bike for sale at the chain. Currently, it's selling for $269.99 and comes with a free 30-day membership to the workout app iFit. If you maybe spent a bit too much on the holidays to afford this particular machine, Aldi Favorite Finds notes in the same post that the store also carries a more compact pedal exerciser from Crane for just $29.99

Interest amongst followers seems to be high with many commenting on the posts asking for reviews of the ProForm bike to see if they should invest in it. (After all, it is almost $300.) One follower who did buy it gave it a glowing review, and said, "I got the bike!!! I love it! Found me some cycle classes for free on YouTube! Treat yo' self!!!" For a more official take, blog ExerciseBike gives a broadly positive take on the brand's entire range: "We recommend checking out most of their products." So, for those wanting to enter the year with a fitness goal, this spin bike now offered by Aldi seems like it could be a solid choice.

Score a huge deal on an indoor bike with this Aldi Find

So, what makes this bike so great? First and foremost, outside of the discount grocery chain, this specific Pro-Form model can retail for $399.99 or even $499.99, according to Aldi Reviewer — it's also made by the same company that creates Gold's Gym and NordicTrack equipment, so it comes from a reputable company. While spending more than $200 may seem pricey, it truly is a great deal. 

The upright bike — which you'll have to assemble — comes with a cushioned seat, water bottle holder, adjustable handlebars, pedals with toe straps, and a small LCD display, among other features. The latter is important since the purchase of this bike comes with a free 30-day membership to the app iFit, which gives you access to personal trainers that stream classes on your tablet while you exercise, similar to Peloton.

Some reviews, as pulled together by ReviewChomp, suggest that while the bike is largely well-built and suitable for its main use, it's not always a comfortable ride and can be noisy. For $269.99, however, such a tradeoff might be worth it. But as Aldi Reviewer helpfully reminds us, this exercise equipment is an Aldi Finds product, meaning it will only be for sale for a short while. So, if you want to snag it, you should hurry to do so. And if it's not for you, Aldi always has tons of healthy foods to buy to keep up your resolutions this new year.