Bobby Flay Just Gave A Shout-Out To Alex Guarnaschelli's Bubbling Potato Gratin

Alex Guarnaschelli and Bobby Flay have an interesting history. According to People, Guarnaschelli wasn't a Bobby Flay fan at first. In fact, she believed he was a pompous celebrity. "I used to watch Bobby Flay because he was on all the time," she said, "And I was like, 'I don't like that guy. That guy thinks he's so cool with his grill and spatula.'" Guarnaschelli later admitted that she was mistaken and Flay was actually "amazing." The two ended up hitting it off and went on to become good friends.

Before Bobby Flay became Guarnaschelli's friend, he worked on one of her first shows, "Alex's Day Off," which was undeniably intimidating for her. "He stood on the set with his mirrored sunglasses like a fire-breathing dragon. I was terrified," she said. However, Flay ended up helping Guarnaschelli feel more comfortable on the job by telling her to wear whatever made her feel at ease. She told People, "I know that sounds like a silly thing, but it's really important, and it's something I had to learn."

The two remain good friends to this day — Flay was even spotted rooting for Guarnaschelli recently on Instagram.

He posted an encouraging comment

Alex Guarnaschelli took to Instagram yesterday to share footage of her latest dish: a piping hot potato gratin. Flay was quick to compliment his friend, writing "Any cheese or cream that's bubbling out of the sides of a hot casserole is pure heaven." Other Instagram users expressed similar sentiments about the dish. One person agreed with the chef's comment and wrote, "...then it gets all crusty and crunchy...yum."

Someone else, who said they made a gratin for Christmas dinner, agreed that they can't get enough of the "burnt cheese on the side." In case you're feeling left out, you don't need to worry because Guarnaschelli claims that this is an easy dish to cook at home. Her recipe is available on Food Network, and uses potatoes, heavy cream, whole milk, nutmeg, two different types of cheese, butter, and thyme.

Meanwhile, Flay and Guarnaschelli are doing their best to support each other. Flay recently shared a picture of the Squid Ink Fettuccine dish from his Italian restaurant Amalfi on Instagram and wrote that it's a must for those who enjoy seafood. Guarnaschelli posted fire emojis on the post and wrote, "Wow."