Reddit Wishes Trader Joe's Would Change This About Its Packaging

Trader Joe's has a pretty stellar reputation among customers for its unique products and friendly staff. However, if there's one thing that the company has received criticism for, it's that it doesn't have the best packaging on some of its products. As The Kitchn points out, the store often cases its produce items in plastic boxes and bags, something that doesn't sit well with some shoppers.

In response, Trader Joe's decided to switch things up last year by using a "plant-based compostable wrap" for its English cucumbers. In 2019, the company also made the decision to eliminate "single-use plastic carryout bags" from stores and use compostable trays instead of styrofoam trays for its produce, per SFGate. Trader Joe's still has a ways to go in terms of smarter packaging, though, and not only in terms of environmental-friendliness — at least, according to several users on Reddit. Here's their gripe with the grocery chain's frozen foods bags.

Customers wish the bags were resealable

One Reddit user shared that while their love for Trader Joe's is undeniable, they do wish that the company would be a little more thoughtful when it comes to packaging frozen food items, such as fries, gnocchi, and more. They claimed to be writing on behalf of "single people everywhere" and asked, "Can you please make the bags of frozen things ... resealable for us single people who are cooking for one?" One commenter could relate because they often prefer to cook smaller portions of Trader Joe's frozen foods for their kids. "I would be very happy if they sold multiple servings in one resealable bag," they said. Others complained about the bags tearing easily.

Well, in case things don't work out for the original poster, many Redditors offered simple solutions to keep the single-use bags sealed. One suggested chip clips from Ikea, which received support from another person who wrote, "It's $3 for the set of clips and lasts for at least a decade." Other ideas included Ziploc bags, binder clips, rubber bands, and clothespins. Finally, a particularly optimistic commenter posited that it's possible to make nearly anything a serving for one "if you try hard enough."