How Much Do Insomnia Cookies Employees Typically Make?

Joining Insomnia Cookies' cookie crew is pretty lucrative, and we're not just talking in terms of the monetary payment. In addition to having the braggings rights of working for a renowned cookie bakery chain, the official website describes awesome perks such as birthday celebrations, pizza parties, and of course, free cookies. But the typical paycheck of an Insomnia Cookies employee is also pretty worthwhile. After all, with over 200 locations nationwide (via Insomnia Cookies), the company brings in a significant amount of revenue.

According to a Crunchbase News article, Insomnia Cookies is said to have a reported net value of $500 million. The company was founded by Seth Berkowitz in his University of Pennsylvania dorm room in 2003 in the hopes of satisfying the universal college student sweet tooth (via The George-Anne). Since then, the brand has expanded from college students to customers of all demographics. With hungry consumers pining over its cookies, Insomnia Cookies needs a huge team to power its operations on a daily basis. So how much exactly do its employees make?

Different roles at Insomnia Cookies

If your dream was to open an Insomnia Cookies location in your hometown, we have some pretty disappointing news to give you. According to The Franchise Mall, the cookie chain is no longer franchising.

You can, however, get a job in a more managerial role. Insomnia Cookies offers positions such as district manager, customer service supervisor, and director of operations. There are different qualifications and pay ranges for each of these roles. The district manager role earns about $71,037, according to Indeed. A customer service supervisor is paid about $28,611 per year and the director of operations makes about $84,742 per year. Other management roles include shift manager, who makes $13.28 per hour, and insight manager, who makes $59,640 per year.

Of course, at Insomnia Cookies, there's also the chance to work inside the kitchen. You can do this as a baker, who usually earns $10.58 per hour. Or you could take a leadership role as a store manager, who typically earns $40,279 per year (via Indeed).

How to make money at Insomnia as a college student

We all know college students live for a good late-night snack. According to Uncubed, the first Insomnia Cookies retail store was opened in Syracuse, New York in 2006. The chain now has locations in some other big college towns.

The offers a range of different job opportunities to college students, including being a delivery driver or a shift leader. According to Indeed, the pay for these positions is $15.01 and $12.47 per hour, respectively. This isn't only a great way to get paid, but also to grow your leadership skills while in college. If you're super passionate about Insomnia's mission, you can apply to be a campus rep. In this role, you won't be physically present in the kitchen or at the cash register. Instead, you'll be out on your college campus, showing your peers how much you love Insomnia Cookies through planning events. This job pays about $10.43 per hour.

Director of Construction reels in the most money

If you have a specific skill, Insomnia Cookies most likely has a job for you to use it.

For example, one position is the director of construction. One report on Indeed stated that this employee makes $140,958 per year, which is 13% above the national average. If you have a degree in technology, you can work as a computer forensic analyst, who earns about $45,202. This job is great for anyone who might have an interest in the food industry but wants to apply their academic education to their work. The same can be said about the staff accountant, who has the responsibility of monitoring the company's daily revenue and cost of goods sold (via Insomnia Cookies).

In addition, according to Indeed, the role of a digital marketer also reels in decent money. This is a full-time role that pays approximately $64,938 per year, which is 7% above the national average. Or, if working in sales is more up your alley, you can also work as a full-time sales consultant, who makes $31,435 per year, or as a sales representative, who earns $15,000 per year.