Strawberry Daiquiri Mixes, Ranked Worst To Best

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Around the year 1900, American mining engineer Jennings Cox mixed white rum, lime juice, and sugar together to create a very special cocktail, according to Town & Country. He was in Cuba at the time and inspired by the flavors of the island, but the drink, the daiquiri, quickly picked up popularity in New York. 

Today, the daiquiri is synonymous with Caribbean vacations or relaxing summertime sessions by the pool, and the strawberry rendition is particularly exciting, as it adds a bit of sweetness to an otherwise one-note, rum-heavy drink. But there's no reason why you can't enjoy a strawberry daiquiri anytime, anywhere — no beach needed. 

A strawberry daiquiri should be a balanced blend of fruit and rum, and there are a few cocktail mixers on the market to help you craft that perfect cocktail. We took a deep dive and rounded up strawberry daiquiri mixes worst to best to help you decide which strawberry daiquiri mixes to sip and which to skip.

14. Bacardi Mixers Strawberry Daiquiri

Bacardi's strawberry daiquiri mix is definitely not one to ignore. As 2020s second-best-selling brand of rum according to Statista, Bacardi is one of the United States' reigning purveyors of the drink. So it was, of course, a natural (and smart) progression for the brand to also produce cocktail drink mixes. 

The great thing about this mix is that it's cheap. While the price ranges from region to region, the mix is often sold for under $5, making it a great option for shoppers on a budget.

However, this mix is on the sweeter side, and depending on your tolerance, it may just be too sweet to be enjoyable. Said one Chick Advisor reviewer, "Unfortunately these were just too sweet for me. The intense sugar and the cold were just too much for my sensitive teeth. I had to half the can and use orange juice to get a slightly better version."

13. Nectar of the Vine Strawberry Daiquiri Wine Slushy

When we saw this wine slushy in a bag, we definitely wanted to know more. Nectar of the Vine actually makes tons of other mixes, so it seems like they at least know what they're doing. To enjoy Nectar of the Vine's strawberry daiquiri, just add the bag, some water, and the alcohol of your choice into a pitcher and freeze for a few hours. The brand suggests you add wine to create a true wine slushy, but they provide recipes for more liquor-forward concoctions.

This definitely isn't a quick, grab-and-go kind of daiquiri mix. And we hate to break it to you, but there's not much that is natural about this mix. Its ingredient list reads like a lab experiment. They don't claim that it's all-natural, so we can't deduct too many points from this product, but you should know what you're getting into before you buy this mix.

While the flavor of this mix isn't the worst, we couldn't give it high marks due to its dubious list of ingredients. One Nectar of the Vine reviewer had issues with the mix freezing, though others appreciate the fruity flavors.

12. Collins Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mix

A strawberry daiquiri mix that contains no artificial dye and uses carrots to impart color? We were certainly intrigued by the ingredient list of Collins Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mix. According to an article found on Science Direct, the purple carrot extract that Collins utilizes takes advantage of the highly pigmented anthocyanins in purple carrots and uses them to naturally color foods. The attempt to make the ingredient list more straightforward is admirable, but we couldn't help overlook the fact that Collins then includes the preservatives sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, and sodium metabisulfite. 

Of course, this isn't a deal-breaker, but it is a head-scratcher. While most preservatives are dangerous to ingest and inhale in their pure forms, according to the Washington Post, they're often totally fine to eat in small amounts.

Besides the ingredient list, Collins' mix has a decent strawberry flavor, which makes sense as it's made with pure strawberry puree. One Walmart reviewer said, "Tastes like real strawberries, not artificial flavoring. Daiquiris are a breeze to make. Nice to have a bottle on hand for when friends and family visit." While it doesn't have the most straightforward ingredient list, this may be a mix to try in a pinch.

11. Master of Mixes Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mixer

If you're ever tasked with making cocktails for a room that's split between margarita lovers and daiquiri lovers, this is the mix for you. Sure, that scenario might not happen too often, but it's nice to have the option to switch back and forth. Master of Mixes has branded their mix as suitable for both cocktails. 

Out of over 200 global Amazon ratings, this Master of Mixes mix received an average of 4.7 out of five stars at the time of writing. It's a customer favorite indeed and likely because it makes thick and rich strawberry daiquiries. One Amazon reviewer even found another use for this daiquiri mix, "Huge fan of all Master of Mixes products, always have a variety of flavors. Love their taste, very concentrated so they last long. Use for making drinks for adults and children or even yogurt by adding to plain yogurt."

If you're on the hunt for a restaurant-style, almost-too-sweet strawberry daiquiri, then this is a great option. If you want something more elevated, though, you may want to leave this mix in the dust.

10. Daily's Strawberry Mix

Daily's is a brand that has been around since 1960 when it was a daily juice delivery service, according to Daily's website. It started off as just orange juice that the owners squeezed themselves, but by 1965, the brand had already branched off into Sweet & Sour mix. The strawberry mix that we know today was first introduced in 1980, and Daily's claims to be the first brand to use pure fruit puree in a cocktail mix. They're clearly experts at the juice and mixers business, so potential customers should already know they can expect quality. 

We know that high-fructose corn syrup should be consumed in moderation, according to Cleveland Clinic, so we'll just throw it out there: High-fructose corn syrup is the first ingredient in this mix. If that's not a concern for you, you will love the rich and sweet strawberry taste of Daily's Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mix.

"Very versatile, I used it in drinks and dessert recipes ... Only downside is that it is super sweet and not something I would use when trying to avoid high-calorie drinks with lots of sugar," said one Influenster reviewer.

9. Lava Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mix

At first glance, Lava brand Strawberry Cocktail Mix is emitting artisanal and handcrafted vibes, so it's no surprise that the label actually says "handcrafted artisan." What we would expect is pure strawberry as the first or second ingredient and the omission of high-fructose corn syrup because when's the last time you've seen a mixologist put together a cocktail with a splash of high-fructose corn syrup?

Strawberry puree is actually the fourth ingredient in Lava's Strawberry Cocktail mix after water, sugar, and agave nectar, which is close enough. There's also Key lime juice concentrate, which brings a lovely balance to this mix and prevents it from being overly sweet.

It's good, but we're not huge fans of the cost, which is why this mix didn't rank higher. According to one Daily's reviewer, the price is worth it. They said, "I'm used to super artificial candy-ish strawberry mixers but not this one. Super high quality you can tell right away."

8. Mr & Mrs T Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mix

If you're looking for a simple, solid strawberry daiquiri mix without all the frills, then Mr & Mrs T might be right up your alley. This one is also a daiquiri–margarita combo, which is ideal for those who don't prefer super-sweet drinks.

You can expect a blend of sweet and tart flavors that offer a hint of citrus for an exciting zip. It's nice and fruity, which makes it perfect for sipping on hot days, but it's not so overwhelmingly sweet that it'll give you a headache after only one drink. Whether you mix it with light or dark rum, the flavor is going to be reliable.

This one certainly isn't our favorite strawberry daiquiri mix, and there are certainly better options available on this list. However, this inexpensive and readily available mix should get the job done the next time you're having a party — or just a fun night at home.

7. Cocktail Artist Strawberry Premium Mix

The brand Cocktail Artist won't rest until every consumer feels empowered to create the cocktail of their dreams in their very own kitchen. They say, "Each comes with a promise of no artificial flavors, colors, or high-fructose corn syrup. Unleash the cocktail artist in you with these essential ingredients." That's no small claim. 

But their Strawberry Daiquiri mix backs it up! They've indeed put together a lovely little cocktail mix that, as they claim, doesn't have high-fructose corn syrup or any other artificial additives. We do see some preservatives in their ingredients list, but overall, they've done a great job on this mix. 

Customer reviews on Chick Advisors mention the affordability, and for around $4 a bottle at Walmart, it certainly offers a delicious mix at a reasonable price point. It would be easy to jack up the price because of the premium ingredients used, so we appreciate Cocktail Artist's attempt to keep their Strawberry Daiquiri Mix attainable to folks at all budgets.

6. Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Pre-Batched Cocktails

The packaging and name of Funkin's Strawberry Daiquiri Mixer is pretty party-ready. And that's what Funkin is: a ready-to-go cocktail mix. Just add rum and drink. This produces a daiquiri on the rocks, which is a nice change from the frozen varieties we're used to. One carton makes 10 cocktails, so it's also a great option to bring to a get-together with friends — along with a bottle of rum — for instant cocktails.

The Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Mix combines "Polish and Spanish strawberries with Persian limes from Mexico," so it's pretty tasty even without alcohol. You could swap in seltzer here for an easy mocktail. The lime notes nicely in Funkin's mix complement the strawberry, which helps ensure the drink doesn't end up too sweet. One reviewer on the Funkin website said, "Nice combination of strawberry and lime. Lovely taste mixed with white rum." We completely agree!

5. Island Oasis Strawberry Beverage Mix

Island Oasis is what other strawberry daiquiri mixes should aspire to be. That's a bold claim, but let us explain. First off, the packaging is made of Tetra Pak, which, while not a perfect solution, is surely better for the environment than plastic, according to Forbes.

Next, it has a very straightforward and easy-to-pronounce and easy-to-understand ingredient list, which includes no preservatives and no high-fructose corn syrup. It's also shelf-stable, so if you're stocking up on ingredients before a big trip, no need to worry about this going bad if you haven't opened it yet. 

But what good are all of the aforementioned points if the mix doesn't taste like it's supposed to? Not to worry, as that is not at all a concern for this Island Oasis Strawberry Daiquiri Mix, which has a pure strawberry taste. One WebstaurantStore reviewer said, "This product is a great addition to our Island Oasis flavor selection. Tastes natural and not artificial."

4. Spooky's Strawberry Daiquri Mix

Spooky's Strawberry Daiquiri Mix is another juicy syrup mix that requires ice and rum along with a blender to mix it all together. It's practically made for parties — just put together a large batch before guests arrive, and keep it in the freezer. 

There's a freshly juiced taste here that comes from the strawberry juice concentrate that is added to the mix. We love the intense flavor that doesn't max out our taste buds on sweetness but still has a distinctive strawberry kick. The recipe also uses sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, so if that's something you're concerned about, you won't have any problems with this brand.

Needless to say, Spooky's has a great texture and blends beautifully into a rich, fruity daiquiri. Spooky's also suggests using their mix to throw together a lemonade drink, which sounds like a rather refreshing idea for a blazing hot summer day.

3. Neon Zebra Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

As one of the only cans on the list, Neon Zebra is definitely a different type of product. If we were making judgments on sheer appearance, this appears to be more of a spritzer, but it does bill itself a proper strawberry daiquiri mix. Just mix in rum, stir, and you're good to go!

Each can makes two cocktails, so it's certainly easy and could easily turn into a picnic essential for strawberry daiquiri lovers. We also love that it's got a nice kick of lime, which is the third ingredient on the list. So, instead of being cloyingly sweet like a lot of other mixes, this one is certainly more of an aperitif style because it's lighter and more refreshing. Plus, you're meant to enjoy this on the rocks, so if you don't have a blender or just want a cocktail that comes together in record speed, this is a great option.

2. Nina's Natural Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

The word "natural" doesn't hold much bearing on food labels, according to Eater, but that doesn't mean that anything labeled "natural" is going to be disappointing. Nina's naturals is a strawberry daiquiri mix that contains water, sugar, strawberry puree, cornstarch, natural flavors, and some preservatives, so it does seem to avoid some of those common traps like artificial color and flavoring.

But has it earned the right to include the word "natural" in its name? We'll leave that up to you as the consumer, but the brand is certainly off to a good start. 

One WebstaurantStore reviewer liked how straightforward Nina's ingredient list was and said, "It's the perfect amount of sweet, but not too sweet. I love all of Nina's drink mixes because they have clean and real ingredients. It's really nice to be able to make a drink really fast!" That's why this mix is one of our absolute faves.

1. Tres Agaves Organic Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mix

Tres Agaves started as a way to provide consumers with everything they need to make their own high-quality cocktails at home. They also sell their own brand of tequila! And while we're aware of the fact that tequila isn't the proper alcohol for a daiquiri, we love how convenient Tres Agaves has made it for cocktail lovers. 

Their strawberry margarita/daiquiri mix consists of only a few ingredients: filtered water, organic agave nectar, organic lime concentrate, organic strawberry puree, natural strawberry flavor, and fruit and vegetable juice. Alcohol is in no way a diet or health food, but we appreciate that this is a healthier way to enjoy a strawberry daiquiri. At under $10 for a one-liter bottle at Target, it's not necessarily a bargain, but for as juicy and fresh as this tastes, it's worth it. According to one Target reviewer, it even tastes like "like you blended the strawberries yourself right before mixing!"