Padma Lakshmi's Condiment Admission Is Super Relatable

Padma Lakshmi tends to get Twitter laughing for many reasons, not least because whatever meme or observation she shares is usually super relatable. On January 10, Lakshmi released a compilation of some recent down-to-earth Twitter updates in an Instagram post. The list ranges from a picture of her sleeping dog, Divina, who she calls a "rainy day mood," to a declaration many of us can identify with: "I'm always thinking about my next meal." Lakshmi also shared a screenshot of her response to a tweet about storing condiments. The "Top Chef" host admitted that 80% of her fridge is composed of condiments.

We can totally relate to that sentiment. During the winter months, we are usually indoors to avoid the cold outside. This calls for trendy condiments that spice our food up and warm us from the frigid temperatures. Naturally, fans were quick to share their similar experiences in the comments.

Fans confess they've stocked up on condiments, too

Instagrammers in Padma Lakshmi's comment section strongly agreed with her condiment admission (via Instagram). One user wrote, "The fridge door is for condiments and condiments alone. Bottles can rest on the bottom shelf, thankyouverymuch." Keeping everything contained to certain areas of the fridge seems like a good way to organize the overflow of bottles and jars. Another commenter joked, "88% condiments and the rest condiment packets." This might hit close to home, as most of us will pocket extra sauce packets at Taco Bell to keep stashed in a kitchen drawer. 

Apparently, it's a universal human experience to seek out delicious ingredients for the winter. According to BlueCross BlueShield, we tend to gravitate towards warmer, heartier dishes and comfort food filled with flavor during these colder months. So bring on the thick stews and creamy pasta — winter isn't going to last forever and we need to use up all those sauce packets and popular condiments somehow.