This TikToker Is Accusing Starbucks Of Having Dirty Ovens

People do not typically associate Starbucks with uncleanliness. In fact, the coffee chain's hygiene rules are so stringent, one would probably have to actively try to make a mess of its kitchen area. For example, Starbucks' dress code says that employees are not allowed to wear nail polish or hand jewelry to work, owing to the possibility that jewelry or chipped nail polish could land in a drink or a food item.

On top of keeping themselves clean, employees are meant to keep the store pristine and find that cleaning is one of the activities taking up most of their working hours, per Starbucks employees who shared their experiences on Reddit. Based on their comments, you'd think you would be hard-pressed to find an item in a Starbuck store that could be called dirty. And yet, one customer on TikTok is insisting that their local Starbucks has a problem with dirty ovens.

The customer is complaining about black flecks in their pastries

A TikTok user by the name of @shartmaster777 seems to be rather displeased with Starbucks' pastries, and yet they still continue to return for them regularly. The user's profile consists of six different videos in which they complain about small "black flecks" in what appears to be the chain's Sugar Plum Cheese Danish. "Day 5 of asking @starbucks to please clean your ovens," the fifth video says. The damage appears to be minimal in most of the videos, with only the second post showing a larger burnt piece that one commenter said was burnt parchment paper.

Starbucks employees have commented feedback like, "We clean them every night." Most viewers seem to have taken the side of Starbucks, defending them with quips like, "have you actually said anything in person since u just wanna keep complaining on here?" and "go to a different starbucks?.. or better yet.. don't order the danish at all." The user's last video was posted two days ago, so time will tell if their feedback reaches the chain or if they give up their Danish habit.