This 'Regular' Sandwich Has Twitter In Stitches

Sandwiches are a classic food item that can be customized in a number of ways. Perhaps you like to add plenty of cheddar cheese to your favorite sandwich or prefer to spice it up with jalapeños and chillies. Maybe you like combining lots of vegetables, butter, and a bit of mustard. As Thrillist notes, sandwiches can be found all across the world and can even help you understand a new region's culture. They're easy to eat and can work as a snack or a full-fledged meal depending on the ingredients used and the side dishes on offer. 

According to one devoted sandwich fan who wrote a love letter to this culinary creation on Reddit, "They aren't appreciated enough. It can be a dessert, a dinner, a snack, it's everything and there's so many different ways to customise it. Ham and cheese is my favourite, on rye bread ... I love sandwiches." Another foodie wholeheartedly agreed with this sentiment and said, "There's something so comforting and satisfying about stacking your sandwich and cutting it in half."

Now, Twitter users are enthusiastically discussing a "regular sandwich" and can't help talking about its price. At the time of writing, the tweet has already managed to attract over 30,000 likes on the social media platform.

Twitter users have strong opinions

On Monday, a Twitter user named Alex posted a photo of what looks like a sandwich from a deli wrapped in wax paper. The label on it read "regular sandwich," with a "total price" of $8.99. "Just a regular sandwich for me, thanks. Nothing weird," Alex's witty caption read. Others were quick to respond with their own reactions to the tweet. One commenter replied saying $9 is pretty steep for a "regular sandwich" and that it needs to at least have spicy mustard or something else to justify the price. 

Another person asked an innocent question: "Is there an irregular rack where sandwiches are affordable?" while someone else declared that such prices are fairly common in New York City (even though the sandwich's label lists a Texas address) and expecting anything less is out of the question. "Anyone questioning the price of this sandwich has never lived in NYC – $9 is the starting price, before you even think about getting fancy," they wrote. One of the more popular comments said it all: "I'll have whatever normal people have."