Fans Of White Chocolate Will Love Magnum's New Ice Cream Bars

Magnum ice cream is hoping to offer something extra special to its customers this year. According to PR Newswire, the brand's parent company Unilever has announced new ice cream flavors for four of its brands including Talenti Gelato, Sorbetto, Klondike, Breyers, and of course, Magnum. The new products, which will be sold across the country in January and February, will "include a reimagined twist on classic American flavors [and] unexpected pairings for the perfect flavor combinations." This is good news for those who love eating white chocolate, because there are two delicious new flavors on offer.

Magnum has been around for a long time: according to the brand's official website, the brand made its debut in 1989 with a classic vanilla ice cream bar that included "a unique chocolate coating with the signature crack." By 1992, more flavors such as Magnum White and Almond were introduced. Magnum now has multiple flavors to choose from such as Double Chocolate, Non-Dairy Sea Salt Caramel, Double Raspberry, Dark Chocolate Mint, and more. 

The new flavors seem delicious

Per PR Newswire, Magnum ice cream has launched Magnum Duets, ice cream bars that have been created using two kinds of chocolate. The bars come in three flavors: Almond Duet, Cookie Duet, and Chocolate Duet. Every Magnum Duet bar includes a "double-dipped chocolate shell coating" made from Belgian chocolate. Two of these flavors are especially catered towards fans who love white chocolate: the Chocolate Duet Bar and the Cookie Duet Bar. 

The former includes "rich vanilla ice cream with a luscious raspberry swirl fully dipped in a white chocolate shell and half dipped in a milk chocolate shell" while the latter offers a delicious combination of vanilla with chocolate ganache swirl "fully dipped in white chocolate with chocolate cookie pieces and half dipped in milk chocolate."  Russel Lilly, the vice president of Unilever Ice Cream North America, said in a statement that the company intends to continue expanding its portfolio all year.