The Reason Some Shoppers Have A Problem With Aldi's Meat

There's a reason so many people love shopping at Aldi. The grocery store chain has affordable prices, a good range of staples to fill your pantry, along with new products each week to keep you intrigued about new food products, and even some home furnishings. And shoppers keep coming back to Aldi for the low prices.

But despite the appealing price points, some Aldi shoppers have complained about one section of the grocery store that reportedly isn't always so reliable. There have been complaints about Aldi's produce section before, but in this case it's something that may be unexpected: the meat department. It's always disappointing when you purchase something and it doesn't live up to expectations. But in the case of purchasing food at a grocery store, you expect the quality to be decent, at the very least.

One of the biggest issues Aldi shoppers have shared on Reddit is that they don't realize that the meat has any issues until after they've paid and headed home. Often, they discover bad news a few days later when they decide to make a meal with the meat they bought.

These are the issues with Aldi meat

One Reddit user reported on January 9, "I opened chicken thighs I bought 2 or 3 days ago with a sell by date of Jan 10. Already off. This happened to me multiple times in the past." Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be a one off issue. Another commenter wrote, "This has happened to me a few times, as well. Always chicken & never close to the sell by date. I've stopped buying any meat there unless it is frozen."

Based on the Reddit comments, at least part of the issue may depend on the store and location. One user suggested, "It may depend on the way the Aldi is managed, or the geographic location/transportation times." Another commenter agreed, saying, "I think it is definitely a manager issue. I had the choice of 2 different Aldi's to shop at. Both of them were great in produce and in meat. Never any issues. Then a new Aldi's was built much closer to me and it is terrible."

Buying meat from Aldi could be a risk because you won't know if their meat selection is good or bad until you get home. So you may want to consider purchasing meat from another grocery store to avoid any bad surprises when you're ready to prepare a meal.