Why Fans Are Worried Costco's Rotisserie Chicken Could Get More Expensive

Chicken fans have had to face some tough times in recent days. Back in 2021, food suppliers faced a meat shortage that some blamed on supply chain issues or illegal price fixing, per USA Today. No matter the cause, the price of protein began to rise, and some feared a chicken tender shortage loomed on the horizon. The problem didn't only occur in North America — Australia also currently feels the supply chain crunch on chicken (via The Guardian). KFC locations and grocery stores alike are currently seeing massive chicken shortages, and it looks like things might remain chaotic for some time to come.

With all of these chicken-based disruptions, shoppers have started to worry about the availability of this popular poultry. Over on Reddit, one user created a thread in r/Costco titled, "With the new inflation report saying we're at 7% inflation, all I'm worried about is my $4.99 rotisserie chicken," with a body text reading, "Mr. Kirkland, I implore you to keep it at $4.99." Other Redditors have jumped on the thread and started speculating about the future of chicken at this big box retailer.

The future of Costco rotisserie chicken

Redditors poured into the thread to discuss the chicken situation at Costco. Replies included gems like, "They'll keep the 4.99 price but everything else (esp things people buy to eat with it) will go up in price...." and "They will eliminate rotisserie chicken before they raise the price. Source: food court combo pizza." Other users fear the worst-case scenarios. One commented, "IMO, they are going to have to do something eventually...the supply of chickens has been reduced and people seem to be buying more and more of them, leading to stores frequently running out of chicken. Time will tell if that involves a price increase or slightly smaller birds." Another speculated, "Membership cost will go up, not the Rotisserie. I'm the manager in the deli for my store. There's no chance those prices change."

The word's out on what Costco actually plans to do regarding inflation and chicken, but if the comment section of the Reddit thread can predict anything, get ready to see some price changes at your local Costco soon. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that the retailer keeps their rotisserie chicken locked-in at solid price points.