Twitter Can't Believe This Frozen Mt. Washington Spaghetti

How cold is too cold to enjoy breakfast outdoors? Well, if you're in New Hampshire, you may find it a challenge to enjoy a nice, outdoor meal during the winter months, but if you're hanging out on top of a mountain in New Hampshire, it may be an impossible feat. One brave human attempted this stunt and left social media users stunned.

The Mount Washington Observatory shared a photo of a plate of spaghetti along with a fork suspended in mid-air and "supported only by the frozen pasta" (via Newsweek). Literally, the fork is being held up steadily by a few pieces, appearing as if it's a sculpture. The meal is shown atop Mt. Washington, surrounded by snowy peaks and a sunrise. 

Tweet of the magnificent photo from the Observatory shared "One of our Observers found an area out of the 65+ mph winds this morning and was going to have some leftover spaghetti for breakfast at #sunrise but the -30F (-34C) temperatures prevented them from even taking a bite." 

Along with awe and wonder, the reactions from Twitter users were clever and colorful, including comments on breakfast preferences in extreme weather. One Twitter user perhaps considered this a challenge, sharing a photo of their own breakfast pasta writing, "-15F and calm at 9:30am in #MyNeckOfTheWoods of Vermont = rapid flash frozen solid leftover pasta (frozen solid w/in 5minutes)."

You have to see it to believe it

According to, the temperatures on the summit can sometimes get as cold as 80 below and we can't imagine anyone wanting to eat in that frigid climate. As we see from the photo, it appears the food doesn't want to be eaten either.

The frozen pasta post from Mount Washington Observatory was simply too exciting for many Twitter users to overlook, and it's already garnered 761 re-tweets along with 1,700 likes. One Twitter user cleverly declared that the pasta seemed like it was a bit too al dente, which prompted someone to write, "Sometimes getting it just right is inpastable!" 

Others wondered whether a ghost was eating the dish instead of an actual person considering the fork was spookily suspended in mid-air. The picture seemed rather hard to fathom for others as one Twitter user commented, "I thought it was sitting in a pile of powdered sugar."

One thing that can be agreed on, in the words of one tweeter, "This was worth a donation!"