Twitter Is Roasting This Criticism Of Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is not a stranger to criticism and has received his share of backlash in the past. Ramsay even took on a food critic through social media after she wrote in a 2019 Eater piece that visiting his restaurant, Lucky Cat, made her feel like she was witnessing "a real-life Ramsay kitchen nightmare." Per Today, the critic, Angela Hui noted that she was the only attendee at the press event who appeared to be of Asian descent, and couldn't tell whether the restaurant was intended to be marketed as Chinese or Japanese. 

Ramsay wasn't amused and shared his response on Instagram, writing that he didn't appreciate Hui's insulting posts on social media. "It is fine to not like my food, but prejudice and insults are not welcome, and Ms. Hui's comments around my Executive Chef and his wife, calling her a 'token Asian wife,' were personal and hugely disrespectful," he said.

The chef is facing criticism once again from a Twitter user who wrote that they don't enjoy his cooking at all and think that he's a snob. They wrote, "He hardly even cooks anything. Meat is raw. Pastas are pre-al dente. Veggies are barely warm. And sauces are in scant amounts."

Twitter users have strong opinions

Gordon Ramsay had a sarcastic response ready for the Twitter user who critiqued him and wrote, "Really ??? Have you tried my food ??" He also included the hashtag for his show "Next Level Chef." Others couldn't resist joining in and added comments of their own. For example, someone remarked that it was obvious that the person had never actually eaten Ramsay's dishes and was simply "tryin[g] to get a reaction" from the chef.

Another Ramsay fan had similar views to share in the replies to Ramsay's tweet. They wrote, "This post made me literally laugh out loud and spit out my coffee. I bet [the original poster] has totally missed the point and is now totally fixated on the thrill of famous Chef Gordon Ramsay responding." Someone told Ramsay that they're ready to take on the challenge and prove that the criticism is uncalled for. They jokingly added, "I only require some of your food." One user didn't hold back at all when they wrote, "Something tells me that you don't become a worldwide highly acclaimed chef with producing substandard food."