Marvel Fans Noticed This Subtle Change To A Sriracha Bottle In Hawkeye

Sriracha sauce is a hit among those who love spicy food. According to Taste of Home, there are lots of dupes available in the market but the OG version is produced in California by a company called Huy Fong Foods. The hot sauce may be even more popular than most people realize: just one factory manufactures around 3,000 bottles an hour, six days a week (which means it produces around 20 million bottles of Sriracha every year).

The company knows how popular the condiment is and describes it as their "most popular sauce," adding that it's made with "sun ripened chillies pureed into a smooth paste." As one fan on Reddit put it, "Sriracha is the right level of spicy for me personally but it's not just spicy hot, it's sweet as well. Tabasco and the lot are just spicy, fire in your mouth. Sriracha is sweet as well. Sriracha on everything for life."

The sauce is so iconic that it has even made an appearance in the new Marvel series, "Hawkeye." However, as The Takeout notes, fans have noticed one unexpected twist. 

It looks a little different

According to The Takeout, one viewer spotted an unusual development while watching Marvel's "Hawkeye" and wrote an email to the website's editors, asking about the glitch in the fifth episode. In the episode, one of the characters decides to make some mac and cheese and somewhere in between, a bottle of sriracha sauce makes an appearance.

Here's the weird part: the Huy Fong Sriracha Chili Sauce has a red cap instead of its usual green color, something that didn't make sense to the viewer. In their e-mail, they asked, "Please, please, please tell me why this lid on the bottle of Huy Fong Sriracha in Hawkeye is red ... My first reaction to the scene in the show was exclaiming that the lid was the wrong color." 

The Takeout team even got in touch with Huy Fong to find out more details, but a staff member simply said that the featured bottle of hot sauce was not theirs. One Reddit user had a different theory, which one member of The Takeout staff also brought up: "It's clearly Huy Fong, that's for sure. They probably painted it to avoid potential green screen issues, even if it was a mostly practical set." Plus, a quick look at actress Hailee Steinfeld's Instagram photo from the "Hawkeye" set makes it seem like it really is the Huy Fong Sriracha Chili Sauce.