Twitter Is Divided Over Starbucks UK's New Vegan Tuna Sandwich

While some vegans are quite comfortable with their food options, there might be some previous meat-eaters who long for a tuna sandwich or chicken salad on occasion. UK Starbuck's recognizes this dilemma and has created a possible solution to help appease all customers.

The coffeehouse is offering a Tu'Nah sandwich, which per the UK website, uses plant-based tuna and is topped with red onion, cucumber, and vegan mayonnaise. A Twitter post confirms that the plant protein is made from peas and that the sandwich also has horseradish sauce slathered between malted bread.

Starbucks' vegan version of a tuna sandwich is different from ones we might make at home, as the more popular recipes would be made with chickpeas (via The Spruce Eats). However, Starbucks is no stranger to vegan menu items. In Asia, Starbucks launched a vegan seafood salad dish, consisting of fresh salad with pomelo fruit and pumpkin, with a vegan Omni crab cake, and per LIVEKINDLY, it appears to be well-received.

The Tu'nah sandwich is only available for a limited time

The internet is divided over the Starbucks vegan tuna sandwich. Some are loving it, as one Tweeter shared "Wow @StarbucksUK have totally nailed it with this one. Taste, texture and even smell just like Tuna -10/10 And no fish were harmed!" Another posted "VERY happy to announce that the Starbucks vegan tuna is actually an acceptable alternative !! We finally got there !!"

Others, however, have some reservations. "That Starbucks fake tuna vegan sandwich is ://// tastes like the fake ocean or something," one social media user said. Another added a strong sentiment about the Seattle-based coffee house chain, saying: "They got vegan tuna sandwiches at Starbucks today in the UK. I am on board with continuing hating them"

The website notes that the Tu'nah sandwich is only available for a limited time, so if you're in the UK area and want to give the sandwich a try for yourself, don't wait too long.