The Truth About Peachez Iman-Cummings From Worst Cooks In America Season 24

For fans of "Worst Cooks in America," the best way to keep tabs on the show's current season is probably to follow the drag queen Peachez Iman-Cummings' weekly photo shoots and recaps on Instagram. For episode one, they uploaded a series of posts with them dressed as a ring leader and the explanation that the featured food was steak and lobster.

The second episode, however, prompted a more effusive reaction. "Winner, Winner, Chicken Adobo Dinner!" they wrote in a new set of posts. "So happy to have won this challenge making one of my new favorite foods. If you haven't tried Filipino food you are missing out!" You could easily follow the rest or the competition in this manner. Or, at least Iman-Cummmings' involvement with it.

The full social media production for an appearance on "Worst Cooks in America" may be due to how difficult it is to perform during the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past couple of years, Iman-Cummings has co-hosted a virtual cabaret, which you can watch on Facebook, performed in the musical "The Bestest Office Christmas Party Ever" (per Playbill), and produced a Drag Brunch, as advertised on Instagram. But these impressive attempts to continue building a performance brand have obviously occurred in some of the harshest conditions.

Peachez Iman-Cummings appeared on Worst Cooks in America with Marti Cummings

As one might imagine, one skill Peachez Iman-Cummings did not develop is cooking. After all, they're on "Worst Cooks in America." "I was the kid that would Top Ramen as a kid and pretend like I was on the Food Network," PIman-Cummings told While they admitted that was "the extent of my cooking abilities," the excitement to actually cook on the Food Network was there.

Moreover, Iman-Peachez would appear with Marti Cummings, a drag legend and political actor in New York City. The official press release for the series which was shared with TV Series Finale described the pair as "drag artists and best friends." While true, it omits the nature of their friendship, namely that Iman-Cummings is the drag daughter of Cummings (per LXDragNews).

A more direct example of their friendship is seen in a post shared by Cummings on Instagram. In it, we see the two holding hands because Cummings couldn't stop crying when talking about their husband and family after the mini challenge.

So they're there to support and have a blast together. Will Iman-Cummings win? Maybe. But, as they told, they also want to keep the win in perspective: "It kind of feels like a double-edged sword because you walk away with the title of 'Best Worst Cook'... [We] want the title of the best of the worst, but also got to keep remembering that we were the worst."