Panda Express' New Arcade Game Means Food Freebies And Deals

Panda Express, the largest Asian dining chain in the United States with more than 2,200 locations (via Mobile Cuisine), is helping all of their customers celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year with the launch of their newest online game. In honor of the upcoming holiday, the company has released the 8-Bit Good Fortune Arcade game, which gives fan the chance to play along and unlock exclusive freebies, discounts, and deals while learning more about the rich traditions and important symbolism of the Lunar New Year for many Asian cultures, according to PR Newswire.

From now through February 15, fans can visit to start playing the retro-inspired game. Players must try to track down the legendary beast Nian, who has stolen their lucky Lunar New Year meals. Fans will have to dodge obstacles along the way while trying to catch Nian and retrieve their dishes. After successfully completing each level (there are four total), players will receive fortune cards that will help them unlock real-life deals at Panda Express locations nationwide, via QSR Magazine.

Each completed level unlocks new coupon codes

The Good Fortune Arcade game features four different levels, with each one offering fans the chance to win discounts and prizes. At level one, customers can unlock a discount code for $3 off a Family Meal purchase, while level two grants any customers that purchase a Bowl, Plate, or Bigger Plate a premium upgrade for free. Players that manage to successfully beat level three will receive a free entree item when they purchase any Bigger Plate, while players who unlock the codes on level four will be eligible to redeem a code for a free additional large side with any Family Meal purchase, according to Panda Express. These coupon codes will be redeemable online or through the Panda Express app through February 28.

"Every year, we look forward to celebrating Lunar New Year with our guests, as this holiday universally signifies the importance of family and togetherness — the key values that also define us as a family-owned American Chinese restaurant. We are in a unique position to share culture and traditions through timeless and innovative experiences that both new and existing Lunar New Year celebrants can enjoy. With the Good Fortune Arcade, our goal is to create an authentic and inclusive way to bring people together over good fun and good food," Andrea Cherng, chief brand officer at Panda Express, said of the new game (via QSR Magazine).

Also part of the Lunar New Year offers, Panda will bring back its 40-year tradition of lucky red envelopes, given out at participating locations on February 1. Inside is a coupon for $5 off a Family Meal and a free 22-ounce drink, plus a collectible fortune card — all meant to "share delicious food and good fortune with family and friends" (per the press release).