Coke's New Flavor Is Perfect For Coffee Lovers

Coke found a hit with its coffee-infused soda about a year ago. Per Coca-Cola's website, the soda company launched a version of its signature beverage at the start of 2021 called "Coca-Cola with Coffee." The soda came in three flavors: caramel, dark blend, and vanilla. And every flavor but caramel also had a zero-sugar version. Mass Live declared that the strange combination somehow worked — the line of sodas found a way to marry both types of beverage while delivering a solid jolt of caffeine.

Coke now has a new product out that takes Coke with coffee to the next level. A press release from the beverage company reports that as of January 19, consumers will be able to find Coke with mocha coffee on shelves across the country. The company decided on this flavor after discovering that mocha ranks as the number-one "ready-to-drink coffee" flavor out there, and will be pairing the new taste with a new, updated can design. The look and flavor of the product isn't the only new innovation — Coke plans to deliver the drink to a lucky few using a novel, state-of-the-art transportation method.

A cola for mocha fans everywhere

Anyone who wants to try out this new flavor of Coca-Cola with Coffee should keep an eye out, as self-driving robots will be shuttling the soda to caffeine-craving customers nationwide — all they have to do is submit their address using this website, per Coke's press release.

Some fans have already tried to figure out how to make this drink at home. One user on Allrecipes concocted a mocha Coke by mixing together the cola with coffee, ice, and half-and-half. Another recipe required home chefs to mix coffee, cola, and chocolate milk together, per Coffee Guy Cafe.

This new Coke product will provide a much easier way to satisfy your mocha cola cravings and has the potential to prove as popular as the other coffee-infused Coca-Cola products out there. With a product this bold, consumers should take note, but the word's still out on how it tastes compared to the company's other beverages. Either way, expect a newcomer with some serious potential to hit store shelves soon.